Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Contemplation of CPR

Last night something happened and I didn't know what to do. Sunny, our beloved orange one year old cat was having a hard time breathing.. he had been outside and the leaf mold is high and he obviously is allergic. We gave him a human Zrytec and sent him on his way. But later when Daughter #2 and I were having our evening chat... we heard Sunny wheezing. In fact the wheezing was so bad that when we got to him, I knew we had to do something fast. 

Suddenly the thought went through my head on how to give a cat CPR. No really, I know you're laughing right now... but it's true. And then I tried to imagine how I would place my mouth over the cats to resuscitate him. Stop laughing. And I freaked myself out! Then suddenly I remembered that I have asthma and when I can't breath well, I go use my breathing machine/nebulizer and after about 10 minutes, I'm fit as a fiddle. 

So, I told Daughter #2 to wrap Sunny in a towel and bring him to my room so that I could give him a treatment. She did, and after about 1 minute, he looked better. He was breathing in the medicine while I held it in his vicinity and he seemed happy and relieved as time went on. He then jumped down and seemed his own self and started playing with the other cat Zorro.

Actually, amazing and risky is what I really think. Because in emergencies I've been known to use unconventional means to help the creature or person out of trouble.  

In fact once I saved our other cat from Anema. He had it so bad his skin was so yellow that I was sure he was getting ready to check out (if you know what I mean). But I ran to my home remedies book and it told me to take pumpkin seeds and oregano and make a tea. Gave it to the cat several times the first day... and in three days he was completely better.  

Do I have the gift of healing?

No, I don't think so.

Do I have the gift of healing for animals?

No, I dont think so. But I do have the guts to try anything to stop us from having to pay a big vet bill.

That's when I get brave.

Missed my call as a medicine woman,
Java Girl

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Fussy

My Daughter #2 once said to friends.... "If my mother was stranded on a deserted island, she would survive, but only if she had organic toilet tissue."

Honestly, that statement is true. I've been allergic my whole life to array of things like, food, material, dyes, preservatives, chlorine and the list goes on and on. But one thing I'm really allergic too is latex.

WARNING: If you don't like to talk about undergarments, today's blog is not for you. Because today we must discuss this delicate subject with gusto.

So, don't get your panties in a bunch.

Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. 

Sorry. I just had to repeat those phrases.. because I'm feeling giddy this morning. Now on to the subject at hand.. or bottom.

No, really! I'll stop now.

I think.

I have a question for you today. Have you ever had a day when the pair of underwear you were wearing was a complete distraction and you couldn't wait to get home and take them off? 

Now be honest here.

Well I have! There's nothing like a bad fitting pair on undies to put you in a bad mood!

That's why I want to tell you about these great products from Fussy Pants. They're completely amazing. No elastic, latex and you can even purchase them with no dyes.
 They were invented by a stay at home mom named Christy. 

 She also makes re-useable diapers. Aren't these cute. And think about the money you would save on diapers. Just rinse and throw into the washer
She makes little kiddo's undies. Aren't these cute too? And I'm thinking absorbent....especially for the potty training stage.

 I love stay at home mom's that start businesses. They can have the best of both worlds.

Christy also makes makeup rounds that are useable. So practical and eco-friendly.  (Sorry for the picture being blurry, it's the best I could do.)

So after purchasing several pairs of panties the other day. They were put to the test. Rating them from 1 to 10. I would give them a 9. 

And the only reason I would give them a 9 is that they feel a little thick at the top. But otherwise, the feel and stay power..is amazing.

One thing I did notice is that she makes panties edged with lace...and I do think these would feel less thick.

Also, I want to thank Christy for sending us samples of the organic lace and other materials to try. We didn't ask her to do that, but we're happy she did!

Thanks Christy for being innovative and smart and bold.

And especially for staying home with you kids!

Check them out at justfussy.com

Because good underwear can make or break a your day,
Java Girl

Friday, October 12, 2012

Angler's Hearth Bed and Breakfast

There's a wonderful place tucked in Navajo Dam, New Mexico that has special meaning for me. It's where my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Jay have decided to settle after retirement. And because they were never the type to become hermits. They decided to build this home with a wing to accommodate Bed and Breakfast guests.
This is what you see when you first arrive and you can be sure that your name will be on the sign by the front door welcoming you.

 This is the view from the porch which presents to you... the San Juan River.
We decided the following day to take a little road trip around. Uncle Jay drove and I saw a glimmer in his eye when we drove off the beaten path and he had to shift the truck into four-wheel drive! The beauty is breath-taking and with fall arriving and how the rockiness of the terrain complimented each other so greatly.

 I don't know why but when I looked at this rock formation, it reminded me of a mouth. Definitely with a overbite.
Hubby on the other hand ran over and said that there was a Indian in there and if hubby wanted directions it would cost him $3.00.
Just kidding.
I think?

This is a near by lake and for the life of me, I can't remember the name. But it's beautiful and far off in the distance are house boats that are owned and that you can rent.

Aunt Joyce, can you send me that name of this lake and how big it is again?
This is to the left of the lake... it's the Navajo Dam and the San Juan River. 

What a view!! 

Not to mention the fact the Uncle Jay whipped us around to park and it felt like a roller coaster ride and that we were going to fly off into the lake. But again, there was a glimmer in his eye and I had a feeling that was planned.
Again, the lake, Navajo Dam and San Juan River.
Here we are actually getting a picture taken together. This is a miracle, because we usually not together or we are taking other peoples pictures and never remember ourselves.

This poor fellow has no idea that Hubby is lurking in the bushes and taking his picture while he's fly fishing. 
Hubby is freaky that way.

Here we are doing what we do best.
You may notice that my Aunt has an iPad on her lap. And let me tell you, she can get around on that device like it's nobody's business. Seriously, she is not to be reckoned with.

 Check them out at www.anglershearth.com

You too can have this experience and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful outdoors. As Aunt Joyce said to me, We are a destination Bed and Breakfast. So whether you fishing or wanting to relax this would be the spot. 
Oh and one more thing... the food is amazing. I've never had a slightly mediocre meal at their home. 
The next day, Hubby and I had to leave to finish our road trip home and I was longing to be back there, I missed everyone and the warm fun, food and family.
Until next time,
Java Girl