Friday, September 7, 2012

What Do The Dog And I Have In Common

I recently noticed that Snoop was not himself... he'd been laying around and when I looked at him, he just didn't look like he felt good at all. He's had a limp for awhile and then he stopped going down to the barn with us. And with all that's going on around this house with Tick Borne illnesses. I thought I better take him to the Vet.

Well I did.

And I wasn't surprised when the Vet said he had the same tick illness that I have. 

And as I sat and thought about it later in the day, I realized that Snoop and I have a few things in common:
1. We both have Ehrlichiosis a tick borne illness, but his strain is a little different than mine.
2. We both got it this summer.
3. We both hate ticks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Did I mention that I hate ticks!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. We both are having stiffness from the disease.
6. We both are taking the same antibiotic and same dosage. 
7. Weird!
8. A few times Snoop and I just stopped during the day to look at each other. I can feel his pain.
Scratch your dog behind his ears for me,
Java Girl

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