Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Story of Sunny

Never has a cat came into our lives and effected us more profoundly than Sunny. We found him on Craigslist and I can still remember the day when we went to check him out.

The lady giving him away said he was 7 weeks... but it was more around 5 weeks. It was definitely a little too early for him to leave his mama.

He came to our house, stinky, flea infested, he had worms and a usual possessiveness over food.
So after a good dose of Kitty Paste (wormer) and three baths. He started to became a little more attractive to us. 

And then the saying Sunny needs me..took on a whole meaning. 

We all wanted to hold him.

All the time.

 But he still had this potty problem and I became the official hiney cleaner.

So then I gave him some more Kitty Paste.
And then this weird strange relationship started between Dutch and Sunny. 

In other words, Dutch wanted to clean Sunny and it wasn't usual to see Sunny walking around completely wet from being bathed by Dutch.

Dutch is weird that way. It's like he can read minds or something.
 And for awhile Sunny had to be rocked to sleep in the camouflage blanket that became his.
He also became fast friends with Chance who showed up at our house about the same time he did.
Then the cuteness was too much.

He broke in and stole our hearts.

And then the wrestling started.
 But the cuteness never ended.

 He belonged to a gang of felines that he would regularly wrestle with except Purry our gray and white cat who is old. He was off limits and he let Sunny known by bopping him on the head.
 He's adventurous.
And is an amazing hunter.... he can catch flies like Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid movie.
 And he has this confidence that has manifested itself in so many ways.
But he still likes to be held and coddled.

Happy 1st Birthday Sunny!
Java Girl

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