Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Small Talk With Cuz

My cousin Pam and I just got off the phone this morning from talking about two hours. Pam and I have this special connection... we can go a year without talking and then one day call and it's like we talk every week.  We talk about everything from World Peace to our pets.

But, today.  Because my cheeks are still sore from the laughter that ended our conversation. I'd thought I'd share our funny observation.

But first I need to tell you what we were talking about. 

We had already conquered World peace and then started talking about pets. I went on about how in California, some people carry around their little dogs like they were a purse. I always look at the dog and I swear they're telling me to take them. Dog Nap them. They are not happy... they don't get walked, they're forced to wear bows in their hair and to hold their bladders for unreasonable amounts of time. These dogs are not happy. But the freaky thing is that the owner is happy treating the dog this way.

Then I had just experienced recently when I went to the Vet with our dog... that the Vet (city vet) thought I didn't maybe take care of my dog the way I should because he was a bit overweight. Then he went on to disapprove about a few other details. Now for the record... my animals are very well taken care of. You've seen them here on this blog... they are happy, healthy animals that get all there shots. They get to run and play and follow us around this farm. They get scratched, bathed and doctored if need be. But they are just animals. Period. Animals. But you see, I have a country Veterinarian that comes to my farm and he treats animals like animals, but my city Veterinarian thinks that your animal is your next of kin or something. So there you have it.

So then Pam starts telling me about her rejected kitten adoption application. And I lost it. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, so she repeated it back to me and then I couldn't stop laughing. She had tried to adopt a kitten and the organization wouldn't let her have the kitten because she answered on the adoption form that she was going to let the kitten outside. What?! I said. They wouldn't let you have the kitten because you were going to let it outside?

 She said "I can have two children and take care of them just fine, but I can't adopt a kitten!"

I started laughing so hard and still as I write this, my cheeks are sore and I am giggling. When did the world get so out of wack! 

Pam then went on to tell me that the Humane Society was happy to give them a kitten.

I'm convinced that somewhere something went wrong, that we've made our animals fulfill needs in us that we can't meet on our own. It's weird and backwards isn't it? 

So today I dedicate this blog to all the dogs and cats that are never going to live out their lives as a animal. To use the skills the Good Lord gave them. And to say it simply.. to be fulfilled. 

Java Girl


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