Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Hate Ticks!

Today I crawled to the computer in hopes of maybe, possibly blogging. You see... I have so much to share and so many cool things I've got to do this summer, but I've have not felt like myself for about a month. I thought I was getting pneumonia again and was getting treated for it. But while I was at the doctors she tested me for three tick borne illnesses. 

You see, I've been bitten about 5 times this year and really didn't think about it a whole lot, but I did have a spot on my back that itched and would not heal.

When the blood work came back yesterday, the doctor told me I have Ehrlichiosis (a-lick-y-o-sis) which comes from a deer tick. 

So with D#1 getting treatment for Microplasma (also a tick borne illness) and now me with my licking diagnosis (just kidding)... I sent Daughter #2 to the doc to get tested right away.

Since we moved here we've had two cats die of Cytauxzoonosis (tick borne illness) and now all this. I begging you to be careful when you're outdoors where ticks are present. 

Do tick checks! 

I also have been using a great product on our pets called Tick Guard... it's homeopathic and works great as a supplement to their regular flea and tick routine.... little did I know we should be fervently using it on us humans.

So if you are feeling weak, have a on and off hot spell, food doesn't look too good and you don't know why you don't have any energy. Please go see the doctor to rule out any tick borne illness.

Java Girl

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