Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Fall

I need to tell you a story.... it's a real story about me. And if any of you know me personally. I'm just not real graceful. Or athletic for that reason.

This has been a condition that I've had all my life. When the only boy who would play with me during recess in Kindergarten was Kevin and he liked Barbie Dolls. And that same year I fell asleep in the back of the bus and I woke up at the bus garage. Or everytime I was picked last for Red Rover.

I don't like to consider myself a victim...but often Providence wills it and it is the path I must follow.

So on to the story.

I planned to go trail riding with two new acquaintances and their horses, to trails I was unfamiliar with and so was my young mustang Kiele. I had took a quick look at the map of the trails and also printed out a copy, but I forgot to bring it. 

Not good.

Especially when the trails are not marked well.

So as the story goes... We arrived at not only at a horse trail, it was an Equestrian Center. And it looked beautiful. There were young girls riding, jumping and all that rich girl stuff that you do when you own a horse trailer in the triple digits.

So any who,  I saddled Kiele (western style) and felt really weak... little did I know I was suffering from my tick illness. But felt that I could be the good cowgirl and fake it. And for awhile I was enjoying myself and thankful to be out in the woods with my horse and enjoying God's beautiful scenery. Then it happen, I felt my right foot start to go to sleep and this isn't uncommon for me because I had reconstructive surgery on it about 2 years ago and they had to fuse and put a screw it.

So after a while we weren't sure where to go, no signs. Nothing. We then see these three guys riding their horses and holding beer cans. And out of desperation we asked them for directions. Come to find out, they didn't know where they were going either (even though they acted like they did) and we went on our way. By this time my foot is so asleep/numb that it's really hurting.... and we realized we should have probably not taken directions from three drunk guys. But hey, we were desperate. Finally I take out my phone which has a GPS and was alarmed when I saw that we were not going back to the trailer... we were going farther away. Darn (d-a-r-n) drunks, I said to myself!

So we decide to back track and I'm in a lot of pain and I've not told anyone. So you see, getting on my horse without using the horse trailer, a tree or a large building is really hard for me. That right fused foot only gives me about 2 inches of spring. But often my trusty steed will lean over and change his balance to accommodate me.

So we ride back and for some reason the two riders I'm with, ride ahead of me. This makes Kiele a little nervous because he likes, groups, herds, and all horse buddies. But he's looking around and watching all the action. I finally realize that if he decides to cause some ruckus and decides he wants to be a jumper, that I'll have no control with that right foot which is now numb to my knee. 

So I decide to get off.

May I state a warning here. Be careful, Be very careful when the leg you're dismounting off is asleep.

As I brought the right leg around the back of the horse, it dragged around Kiele's back side and I though Oh NO! I have no control of this leg! 

And then it happened, I so gracefully landed and just kept going. The result was me laying in a clump on the ground. As for Kiele, he just dropped his head and started eating grass right next to me. I'm sure if he could talk, he'd say. Oh, don't worry... she does this sometimes.

And then I looked up to see at least one hundred people looking at me, while they were eating there lunch. I didn't realize it, but I dismounted between the rich girls jumping and the people watching the rich girls jumping. I started to laugh and laugh which I often do, because I am who I am and I've learned to embrace that fact.

As for my two riding companions. I have not heard hide nor hair of them. 

And probably never will.
Oh, well.

You have yourself and Java Day,

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