Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My Husband

My Husband is complex.

And for those of you who know him you might think:
1. That my knives are always sharp.
2. That I must feel safe when he's around.
3. That he performs amazing feats.
4. And that he has the map to the most deadliest bad guys.

But the truth is:
1. I sharpen my own knives, usually when I'm upset with Hubby.
2. I'm the one confronting the enemy while he instructs me from behind a tree.
3. Yes, but sending an sweet overweight little boy through the top of our green house while he was learning the Zipline is not one we want to mention.
4. He doesn't think someone is truly bad unless the guy has captured you, your family and your dog. It's only then that he means business.

Which brings me to my next point.

This fellow below was begging for money at a street corner in Miami. And instead of your normal Will work for food sign. His sign says My family has been kidnapped by Ninjas Need money for Karate Lessons. When Hubby read this he thought it was hilarious!!!  Gave him some money and when he asked the guy where he came up with the saying... he said off the internet. 

And as the light turned green and Hubby was never to see the ever wanting Karate student.... he wondered how he got access to the internet while being in such dire straights.
And of course my first question was... How much did you give him?

Happy Fourth of July,
Java Girl

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