Monday, June 18, 2012

The Tea Party

Twenty-three years ago I was dreaming...

Dreaming about my baby that I was due to have in a month or so. I wondered what she would look like. How she would act. Her likes and dislikes. And would she be a Christian.

But most of all I wanted us to be the truest of friends.

And we are.

Our friendship reminds me of David and Jonathan's in the Bible. 

She's taught me so many things and brought me down so many roads that I would have otherwise never traveled. And she's made my life richer and purer.
She also has a love for tea and it started about 10 years ago. And so our family has enjoyed the art of tea drinking at it's finest.

She also has a gift of making people feel special. She never forgets a birthday or a friends favorite color. She's thoughtful and kind to a fault according to this world. But in a Christian's life she is simply reflecting Jesus and that is what I see when I see her.
So when she wanted to host a Tea Party... I said absolutely!!

She also has loved Pen Paling and she exchanges tea's with some of her Pen Pal's in other countries and she served one of the tea's she received from her friend in Finland.
Ellie was there in her pigtails.  

I like Ellie in her pigtails... I want to take her hand and go skipping everytime I see her.
Friends, family and fun.
Lizzy my niece in the middle was able to wear a dress from Paris. Daughter #1 received it as a gift from a Pen Pal who lives there. Lizzy felt special in it... barefeet and all. 
And lots of photography. 

Here's a fellow blogger.
One nephew was on the menu and he willingly agreed to be the butler for our party. 

He opened doors, answered questions and gave us gals a sense of security knowing there was a man around to take care of man things.

And he had a desk in the back of the room to make it more official.

His only complaint was that he wasn't as busy as he wanted to be.

That's my Home Boy!
We ate and ate and ate and ate ate ateeee......

Cucumber sandwiches, cakes, chocolate covered strawberries, fruit, chips and dip, apple crumble, vegetables and more. 
It was so special.
And I wish all girls on this earth could attend a tea party. That way they would feel special and know that they should always be treated so.
 Ruth had a birthday and we sang for her. And it sounded like how the angels would sound if they were singing. And I felt a God moment.

Ruth is amazing and always ready for an adventure.

So my dreams that I dreamed up before my girl was born, have become more than I could ever imagined. And I realize that little dreams are God's specialty and that He gives us so much more than we could ever think up ourselves.

Colossians 2:7- rooted and built up in Him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught and overflowing with thankfulness,
Java Girl