Saturday, May 26, 2012

What We Do

I was looking through photos today and couldn't believe all that we've done in the last six months. So I thought I'd share some pics with you.

Two days ago we went canoeing down the Duck River... it was an amazing day as a family and with our friend Rachel.
  While canoeing we saw this little baby turtle sunning himself atop his mother.
 Dad and I canoed to the falls on the Duck River.
 My guinea's are growing and get to venture out into the yard today.
 Horses get their baths... one by one.
 Daughter #2 took our friend Rachel's Graduation pictures.
 Daughter #1 the cat whisperer.
 Traffic in the Phillipines. ps- everyone is moving so fast, that's why the picture is blurry.
 Old friends came to visit and to hike.
 Seals sunning themselves on the beach in La Jolla.
 Big Daddy and Daughter #2 road trip to the Sunny State.
 Friends and tailgate parties.
 My sister and her beautiful family.
 Sedona... if you've never been here, you need to go. It's where a lot of westerns were filmed and it's just north of Phoenix.
 Daughter #2 photography of Celeste our 2 1/2 yr. old mustang.
 Old friends in Virginia that played host to hubby while there on a business trip.
 Getting the lighting right for family pictures... but I think Daddy looks like he should be in a ad for Farmers Insurance. Don't you think?
 Daughter #2 recently went to Tampa to visit friends and she went to a hockey game. 
 The announcers at the hockey game. 
 Daughter #2 photo again. I want to name it .....Cat tails.
More Later,
Java Girl

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