Friday, May 11, 2012

Peaches and Pigtails

This is our little friend Ellie... 

She came to spend some time with us last night.

She was a remarkable delight to have around... she pointed out the clouds, squealed at the horses we saw while traveling to see our other friends, JC and Teri. The timing couldn't have been better to take Ellie with us to see Pip the foal I blogged about recently and to also visit another little foal that were being horse sat.

Ellie brought some much needed light into our lives while she was visiting us. She's smart, is so so funny and is a thinker. I attribute it to her wonderful home and a Mom and Dad that love her so much. Oh, yes, and that she's Home-schooled.

I love this photo with the anticipation of what is ahead, her flip flops and her doll. What more does a girl need?
We arrived at JC and Teri's and couldn't believe how big Pip had gotten. 


We also picked peaches and found a nest.

Daughter #1, my gatherer.

Ellie ate and picked.
Here are the two Mama's and their foals.

 Precious. Period. Pip is laying down and Georgie is standing.

And while we're in the process of making Ellie a cowgirl... she got to ride a 22 yr. old pony. Note that Georgie the foal is interested in Ellie and what she is doing. 

 Still watching Ellie.
We checked Pip's new born teeth... I like to do this periodically because it's funny and that's just what we do on the farm.. 

 The sunset
Oh the peaches.

And this is Dakota... Teri and JC rescued him. He's whimsical, bouncy and full of fun. Teri and JC also have devised a plan for him to go home with us. I think they've taught him this special trick to show Daughter #2 that he's ready to go home with her. 
Caution: Daughter #2 is notorious at seeing animals and instantly wanting to bring them home. 
And when I saw this picture I was alarmed at the fact that they look like they belong together. 

And so my future plans were to never let my truck have any empty space for Dakota to fit in when I traveled to Teri and JC's. 
And as for Ellie... my prayers are that this little gal always has a zest for life and that she doesn't become changed by the world. The innocence and splendor that surround her were well noted and changed my view of the world and all it encompasses.
I'm off to try to put my hair in pigtails,
Java Girl


  1. i chuckled all the way through you'r blog. you sure do live a active and funny life. all the way home Ellie talked about what she did while at you'r farm. she was so tired that she almost fell asleep at the counter at Lowe's, Amy had to hold her to keep her from falling over. thanks again for the info. and the help you sent home with me. i'm sure that it will do the trick. hope to see you and your lovely family soon. Reta

  2. Oh my goodness, we missed that sweet little gal after she left. I'm not surprised that she was tired... she's a mover and a shaker!!!!