Monday, May 7, 2012

It Had To Be Me

I've had an very interesting week.

I shaved my legs, only to find that I forgot to remove the protective cover.

One of my guinea hens died Thursday morning and I had to go to the doctor and I was still crying about that darn guinea when I went to lunch and when I returned to my car... it was dead. So I asked a guy to help me jump start my engine and I was still crying about that darn guinea and I think he thought it was because my car was dead... and I didn't have the guts to tell him I was crying about a bird.

I've gotten way to attached to my guinea hens.

I've lately, not been able to find things in the store.

Our old cat is sick.

My cell phone insists to text in Spanish... and I can't fix it. 

Dutch now has a shock collar and he's never been so at peace. I think it completes him.

I found a salamander in my slipper.

Our young cat put it in my slipper.

I then I thought the cat took it out.

I threw my slippers in with a load of sheets.

I ran it on the hot cycle.

The shock of pulling the laundry out and finding Mr. Salamander almost finished me.

Daughter #1 released Mr. Salamander back into the yard. 

He ran away.

I was so shocked that he was alive... or I wouldn't had left him with his head sticking out of the sheets when I had my melt-down.

I then remembered that he survived getting his tail chewed off, torment, bondage in a stinking slipper, the hot cycle of a washing machine, the spin cycle and who knows what else. 

I wish I was as resilient as Mr. Salamander.

I made 8 jars of strawberry jam.

I rode my horse on an eight mile trail ride.

Who invented paper plates? I want to kiss them!

I've really learned this week, that a woman's work is never done.

I think I'll have that printed on my tombstone.

Java Girl

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