Saturday, May 19, 2012

At My House

At my house.. the carrots are growing.
 The peas are happy.
 The peppers are emerging.
 The lettuce is growing.
 The clouds are amazing.
The baby bunnies are disconbobulated because of the baling of hay. 
The ants are busy working....I call this photograph, Living on the Edge
 The blackberries are coming in.
 Sunny follows you where ever you go.
This storm came through and made a beautiful entrance. 
Zorro is inquisitive. 
 Butterflies fly... and rest.
 You are always being watched.
 Even the thorns are appreciated for their beauty.
 Our red-headed woodpecker. Who I'm ready to giveaway on Craigslist.
 Our hay is getting baled.
 Sunny always finds time to catch flies, salamanders and mice. 
And I feel blessed,
Java Girl

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