Friday, April 6, 2012

The Way I See It

I've never had a normal home and for those of you who know my husband... you know why. We live in a different world of deployments, hearing about work mates on TV and having a more worldly view of life and our safety. Our life is just different. I didn't have Hubby around when our girls were born and that's just the way it was. My girls first babysitters were some of the toughest men I know and when I worried that my sweet little girls might choke on food while we were out on our date.. my Hubby assured me that his buddies knew how to do a Trach (Tracheostomy). 

A trach on my babies. What? I was just wondering if they knew how to sweep the food out of their sweet little throats.

And these babysitters worked for food. Now tell me... doesn't that sound a little disturbing? 

So any who, some friends showed up to help put in a Guinea Hen pen. And the day continued to have little interruptions but nothing real worrisome. 

Then it happen. My friend and his daughter were working with a sledge hammer and I heard a yell and then realized that he had cut his fingers. I didn't know what to do first. I grabbed paper towel and then ran for a ice pack. His daughter asked if I had a first aid kit and I was bewildered. I've never seen a First Aid kit in our little family's possession, ever. And I thought some more. Dad has all kinds of First Aid stuff but it's not for a common injury. I then grabbed a bag that he keeps in the truck for emergencies and started pulling things out like 50 feet of gauge, syringes, a trach and chest trauma kits, I then became more nervous because all I needed was the simple stuff. I started to laugh out loud.... I have all the medical makings for Ditch Medicine or Combat situation but I can't find one band aid. And so many of you know how it is at my house. 

I don't have a normal house.

My house will be the one that everyone wants to come too when an evasion or a natural disaster occurs. Oh, we'll be fine then. We'll have the tents, clean water, MRE's and surgical center ready. 

But we won't have a band aid.

Over and Out,
Java Girl

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  1. One of my friends reminds me many times "don't sweat the small stuff" MM