Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Favorite Photos

Daughter #1 on the Cumberland River on her 22nd Birthday.
I love this photo because Daughter #1 is over all the picture taking at her Uncle's Wedding. And not long after this picture Daughter #2 took a really hard nap on a friend of ours and proceeded to empty her bladder completely on our friend just before the Wedding started. I sent the victim flowers that very week.

Daughter #2 photography.
The truth behind my horses and cattle guards which are suppose to keep them in the pasture.

Hubby has always loved cats.
My Passion.... Horses.
Dutch being Dutch.
 I love watching birds...
 Night chores in the winter.
 I don't know what these three were up too, but they were having fun.
 A cave we discovered  by our house.

 Daughter #1 right before our Christmas Party. We love entertaining and Daughter #1 has a gift at making people feel special.....whether it be a letter, remembering their birthday or favorite color.
Recently I took a trip to Tampa to visit this little sweet pea named Addy. She told me that Sunny our precious little orange kitten didn't like her when she visited our house... this picture is to prove that he did. 
More pictures tomorrow,
Java Girl

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