Thursday, April 26, 2012


Introducing Pip, my new favorite walking horse foal.
 He's four days old and his owners are my dear friends Teri and JC. 
 Pip can do a jig.
 Wear his first halter ever... and I love how his mama Sugar is giving it the okay.
 This feels funny... can we take it off? Now?
 He and I played.
JC and Hubby
Then Pip told us he had to run....
 And run....

He can already cross over. Just kidding. Well, maybe not.

Just stick me with a fork... I'm done.

The cuteness was just too much!
Java Girl

PS- Thanks Teri and JC for letting us share in your joy with this sweet little creature!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our Life In Fast Motion

Today's blog is in no particular order... just stuff that's been going on in our lives. Dad is home so we are extra busy.

Daughter #2 Photography... these are straight shoot with no editing. I'm jealous that I can't take pictures like her, but don't tell her.
 This photo is my favorite of the week.
 The girls went strawberry picking with friends...
I just realized that all our pictures of this gal are of picking something (cherries, blueberries, strawberries) and she's always smiling!

 This gal is the fastest picker this side of the equator.
 No, really. I'm serious... she's not to be reckoned with.
 Yum one hundred times over....
 The slowest picker this side of the equator... she'd rather eat than pick. Good thing they didn't weigh her before and after entering the patch!
 Horse expression of the month.
 My little guinea babies... I mean chicks.
 Tea Party after strawberry picking. Home girl was honored with the strawberry tea cup, for her picking abilities that range in the Olympic category.
 They only saved me one chocolate covered strawberry. And the song that comes to mind..Count your many blessings name them one by one. Oh, never mind, I'm known for breaking out in song.

The truth is that I think I stopped counting my consumption rate at around twenty two.
 Tea (berry green, monkey picked oolong, green punch rooibos and chocolate rose), friends, apple crisp and chocolate covered strawberries.

Life doesn't get any better than this.
 Our mobile veterinarian came out to give every critter their yearly shots. This knuckle head decided that he didn't want anyone touching him. So Daddy put him in a choke hold and it took three others to hold him still. 

Dad is known for putting anything that doesn't cooperate around here, in a choke hold. Just count this as far warning, if you come to visit and you get a little cranky.
 Daughter #2's Strawberry Crisp. We've made about three batches and I'm forever in her debt (as in weight debt).
 This little evil reptile was found on my porch. And I just think snakes are from satan. 
 My precious little guinea's.
 They're getting bigger and bigger... at 2 1/2 weeks.
 I've had to doctor some with agave nectar and vitamin water feedings... you can see the size difference. One of them was dying and I asked Daddy to feed him the dropper of water... dare I say, he gave too much (I thought) and now I'm happy to report that he's as able bodied as the other guinea's. I've now proclaimed that Daddy has the gift of healing... but we are still working on his Mercy. I guess it goes with the job.
 Here's the one who was resurrected.
These two pudding pops are coming this summer. I love these two little squirts. Plus I use them for hard labor when they stay.
 If someone had told me that this year I would be building a guinea hen pen and that I would have to lay posts and pour concrete.. I would have said, You've got to be kidding me

Well here's the pic to prove it.
 D#2 Photography.
Gotta Go,
Java Girl

Monday, April 16, 2012

Some Favorite Photos

Daughter #1 on the Cumberland River on her 22nd Birthday.
I love this photo because Daughter #1 is over all the picture taking at her Uncle's Wedding. And not long after this picture Daughter #2 took a really hard nap on a friend of ours and proceeded to empty her bladder completely on our friend just before the Wedding started. I sent the victim flowers that very week.

Daughter #2 photography.
The truth behind my horses and cattle guards which are suppose to keep them in the pasture.

Hubby has always loved cats.
My Passion.... Horses.
Dutch being Dutch.
 I love watching birds...
 Night chores in the winter.
 I don't know what these three were up too, but they were having fun.
 A cave we discovered  by our house.

 Daughter #1 right before our Christmas Party. We love entertaining and Daughter #1 has a gift at making people feel special.....whether it be a letter, remembering their birthday or favorite color.
Recently I took a trip to Tampa to visit this little sweet pea named Addy. She told me that Sunny our precious little orange kitten didn't like her when she visited our house... this picture is to prove that he did. 
More pictures tomorrow,
Java Girl

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our New Baby Guineas

 Tick season is upon us and with the mild winter we had, it's going to be worse than ever. 

We simply don't like ticks here... they carry of sorts of diseases and they can harm your animals. I got a tick bite last year and it made a bulls eye and I ran to the doctor. 
So to battle the problem this year, I bought 30 baby guineas. You see, guineas love to eat ticks.
What's so cute about these sweet little creatures is that they came in the mail 3 days after they hatched.

They were cold when they arrived and so we had to warm them up. Notice.. there are only 28 chicks. Two left to be in heaven, they didn't make the trip. But I'll see them again some day when l go to the other side (heaven).
Aren't they most precious thing you've ever seen. I want to name them, but they don't hold still long enough for me to do that.

We had to warm them up real quick so we wouldn't lose any more. This particular morning it was around 50'  and they need 95'.
After they were fed and watered with their special vitamin water... I noticed they started dropping like flies. I thought they were dying, so I hurried and called the hatchery and they told me that they were falling asleep. So I guess they got their little tummies full, drank water and had a warm heat lamp and then it was over for them. They first would sit still, start closing their eyes, then start to sway back and forth and then they collasped (to sleep). 
 My Daughter keeps reminding me that they wouldn't always be so cute when they get older.

But they will always be cute to me,
Java Guinea Girl