Sunday, March 25, 2012

What NOT to do in the Barnyard

 I took a trip.
It was a quick trip, but nonetheless a trip.

This trip took place in the barnyard.

This trip was scary, fast and intense. Kinda like a roller coaster ride without the safety gear.

It all happen last evening when we were having company over and I did what we call around here as a "Quick Feed". This means that we dump everything over the fence and let the horses have at it. So I just wore my flip flops down to the barn thinking I wouldn't have to step in the barnyard.

Except for one thing.

I noticed that the horses needed water.

So I got the water hose and with the water pressure at about 220psi. The hose got away from me like some wild snake. 

By the time I caught it, the area around the water tank was really wet. 

So as I headed back to the barn dragging the hose.... I was having a conversation to myself... that I shouldn't have wore flip flops down to the barn.

And that's when it happened. 

I started sliding out of control and I felt that muscles where being used that hadn't been used in about 30 years.

And I kept sliding, until I ran into the barn door. 

I then looked around to see if anyone saw me and was relieved when only 3 equines were staring at me. But then they kept on staring. Then to my relief they started to eat their hay again. 

I'm so glad that horses can't talk,
Java Girl

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Bleak Tale

If any of you have Facebook, you might have already read this, but if you haven't... enjoy!

Just a little background on these two Nit Wits. They were both Homeschooled and they have always loved to rhyme words.

A Bleak Tale 
Daughter#2 & Christine 

I spend my days in the dirt and sand wishing I could be your little man
but if that were to happen, you would squish me with your hand. 

I spend my days in danger and try to hide my anger 
for shoes are too pointy and roller skates squish 
but if you could kiss me, that would be my one wish.

I inch up to your window, to gaze at your face, but if you ever did see me, I’d be filled with disgrace.

My looks aren’t to pretty, my lips feel like wood, but honey if you would just hold me that would be good.

My Ninja moves aren’t so great, my pirate skills don’t win me a date 
but I’d be your dinner if I could only sit on your plate.

Life as a inchworm ain't all it’s cracked up to be but if I only had your phone number and we both had AT&T we’d chat everyday and our calls would be free!!!

The End

What We've Been Up To

Hello my friends! It's been busy here with Dad home and all the activity that surrounds us. So I thought I'd give you a little taste of what we've been doing.
These men also practice Natural Horsemanship, which means that they don't brutalize the horse or in other terms.. break it. They instead work with the horse and help it understand that they are leader and then connect with the horse on his/her level and then in the end they have a cooperative, willing animal that has been gentled into submission.
This is Guy McLean and he was my favorite. Funny as all get out and energy to spare. He actually purchased this horse that he was gentling. Amazing to say the least. You could see his love of horses so clearly. And this boy could crack whips like nobody's business.
This is Pat Parelli and he amazed me at how the horses where just drawn to him and Craig Cameron. Note, he's riding this horse with no bit after only working him for 5 hours.
The winners are..... Australia!
While I was hanging out with Cowboys... Dad and his daughters went to a English Country Dance event. Dad wore his unform and the girls wore their dresses. I also have to thank Garrett for his English Country Dancing DVD that they practiced to months before the dance. You should have saw Dad and Daughter #1 dancing every night after dinner.

Below is a little friend of Daughter #1. They have always had this close bond.
Dad also put in a pool for us. Yes, my man is a work horse! Always has been and always will be. It's salt water and I could live in it. 

So after a nice horseback ride I love to dive in.

Note: I do not know these people in my pool.
Giddy Up, Do a Jig and Take a lap,
Java Girl