Thursday, February 23, 2012

Daughter #2's Photography

I'm so amazed at what comes out of her camera.

And she never edited any of these photos.

Playing Possum

To Daughter #2 dismay, she returned home last night to find a possum being accosted by Dutch. 

You know Dutch if you've read any part of my blog entry's... he's unpredictable, genius, annoying and extremely afraid of any bad weather. So the other night when Daughter #2 returned home from work, she was taken back when she saw Dutch and a blob laying on the ground hissing. Dutch should have been scared but instead he picked up the blob aka. possum by the scruff of his neck, looked directly east and then west while the creature dangled from his mouth and than ran off into the woods with the snarling creature. 

Am I using too many commas today?

Any who.

It was a traumatic event to say the least.

So traumatic for Daughter #2 because she thought the garden hose was a snake. And every other noise and object outside has made her very jumpy.

We don't like possum here. Their dung can kill horses, did you know that?

I think I am using too many comma's today.

I'm sure God has a purpose for Possums.

I just wish they could be a purpose in someone elses yard,
Java Girl aka Queen of the comma