Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Mockingbird

Today my youngest daughter and I were sitting on the porch. We were enjoying the 60' weather and watching the horses graze while we drank ice tea. And then sweet little daughter noticed that I couldn't whistle today, at all.... the truth is that I've never been a good whistler. And on a good day when the wind is blowing right, you might hear a faint sound come from my beaked lips... but not usually. And little daughter is a relentless tease and she liked noting that I couldn't and she could. Whistle.

So as luck would have it she started to demonstrate that she could whistle better than me and so she did. But what we didn't expect was that far off in the distance the exact sound of her whistle. She whistled again... and there we heard it again! We were so excited that this bird was so near by and ready to duplicate my daughter's whistle.

Sitting there on the porch and the wonderment of the fact that a mockingbird was right near our home just made us get more excited.... until we heard a big hoot from an owl and suddenly realized that right behind our lawn chairs is my bedroom and that Hubby was the mockingbird!!!! And the owl.

This has been a problem with our marriage from the dawn of time. He always seems to be in the right spot at the right time and you never hear him. The other problem is that I'm a bit gullible, which I've passed on down to my daughters. And so you have it.

I guess I should have called this blog To Kill a Mockingbird,
Java Girl 

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