Thursday, January 12, 2012

Memoir's Of A Zoo Keeper

While my Amish Bread starter is brewing and on day 6 (only 4 more days to go!) I thought I would share somethings with you while we wait. 
I know you don't read my blog for certain reasons, I mean, let's be honest... I'm not a grammical (is that a word?) genius by any means. I'm more like a crazy woman on a farm who has a lot to say and no one to say it too. But any who... I'm happy you drop in every once and awhile to see what's going on and for this I'm very grateful. Truly.
So I thought you might think it interesting what I do on a day to day basis. I wear may coats in this family and I will be honest, some don't fit as well as others (for instance anything involving a drill, to name but one) and then some coats/responsibilities come very easy to me .... like being with our animals. I've loved critters since I was little and even had a raccoon named Mert who would ride around in the wagon with me. So naturally I've handed this interest down to my daughters... and being that their Dad is the same way... enjoying our animals comes easily to us.
Today was cold snowy and windy so I headed down to the barn to muck out stalls and brush the horses.... earlier in the day Kiele and Celeste were playing in the pasture and after one look at this horse, I believe he painted his face to play Cowboys and Indians. He being the indian of course.
 This mess took about 45 min to breakup and see the beautiful black fur underneath. It was like standing in a dust storm as I brushed the nasty layers away. It's been real rainy and he's been rolling.
 See this Aussie Clip... well it's made so that if a horse pulls back he will have some resistance and not freak out. My horses of course look at this as one might look at a Rubic's Cube.... a puzzle and they both know how to get out of it. And afterwards they just stand there and don't try to run off. It's a game.
 This is Sunny. He's taken over everyone's heart and has turned out to have quite a temper. Guess that's what happens when you the youngest of four cats. I love Sunny's big paws and picture him as big as a bobcat one day. I do believe he's saluting.. must be the blanket.
 This is Dutch... he tore his toenail off two days ago and found it very easy to get around on three legs. He had a sort of limp, run, run, run, limp thing going one. Oh and when the toenail came completely off, he ran into my closet and bled on my white berber carpet. I let him live because I was able to shampoo all the blood out of the carpet.
 Here's what Sunny and Chance do about 98% of the time. Wrestle. Here they are wrestling by the fireside.
 I fed the birds today... and after filling the feeder I couldn't believe how many came to the feeder. I counted at least 12 male cardinals.
 Zorro our Walmart kitten is now huge, tries to climb everywhere and will walk with you like a dog. And is the fastest mole catcher in the state.
 Purry putting up with Sunny playing with his tail. Purry's wise and Sunny is not. When he corrects Sunny it's always three pops on the head.
 Don't think they are all that obedient... I have treats and pretty much any animal or person who lives here on this farm will work for food.
 Dutch whacking Snoop.
 Prissy is the cutest thing you've ever saw. But if you look deep into her eyes, she's a 53 year old menopausal female. Unless you are a man... then the attitude subsides.
 Snoop, my balanced, smart, keen dobermann/lab mix. I love this dog more than sweets. He also keeps the riff raff away.
Until tomorrow,
Java Girl

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  1. Nancy- I do enjoy your blogs!!! And love the analogy of Prissy!!!!