Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Micro Catch-up Blog

 Dad's home from deployment and we got a new kitten named Sunny... 
 Sunny has found a new bed, warning.... washing is getting double checked before the start button is pressed. You know what I mean?!
 We added another feline family member.. his name is Chance.. because he looks just like our cat who died in July. No really, the resemblance is unreal to Lucky. And he was named Chance for having a second chance because we felt Lucky was taken from us too soon.
 Sunny and Chance are friends. 
 I couldn't imagine what life would be like if we didn't get these two around the same time. Because Purry and Zorro are not to be bothered with little felines that come and invade their territory. 
 We also took family pictures and tried to include Celeste. This is the only real normal picture because if that silly horse had her way, she'd tried to weasel and nibble her way into the whole picture. Note: Notice Daughter #2 apprehension. 
 Kiele getting a workout in the roundpen.
 We decorated for Christmas and the house has never been more pretty.
 Daughter #1 with new family member. She has a way with cats... notice Sunny's face.
 This year our Leprechaun Hunt involved Sunny getting kidnapped or kitnapped by the Leprechauns. But my smart little niece and nephew stopped it before it happened. They even found where they were going to hold Sunny until the ransom was met. 

 Lots of photography... Dad and Daughter #2 have been having contests on who takes the best pictures. I think they get the love for photography from Grandpa.
 Kiele being stately. 
Being woke up and having your picture taken is a hazard in this house. Unless you are a early riser like Daughter #1.
Kung Fu lessons from Dad on our new friend named Jake. Notice Jakes tatoo and uncanny resemblance to our own Dad.
 Fun with cousins on Photoshop.
 Dutch trying sneak slowly into bed where it's warm. Note: if you come and spend the night here, you might see this.
 Snoop giving hugs... really this dog does hug.

To be continued....

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