Sunday, December 18, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Celeste our Filly has two front teeth that are loose.... one is really loose. She's about 2 yrs. old and she has baby teeth. Isn't that funny. I think that's funny.
Prissy our miniature mare who is 9 yrs old let's us check her teeth too. But she has her adult teeth and we don't really need to check them... but we do anyways. Because it's funny
Earlier this year Kiele had some teeth pulled.... and the very last two teeth we pulled were his two front teeth. They were lose and hurting him. The Equine Dentist made us pull them... he was very hands on, meaning we paid him to tell us how to pull our own horses teeth. Do you get my meaning. 

This was not funny.

But the dentist kept telling us how good Kiele would feel when we were done. And after looking at this picture I remember he wasn't eating real well because of the pain in his mouth.
And he did feel better.... and I saw a huge difference in him. He seemed happier.
The End.

Giddy Up,
Java Girl

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