Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Life Through Pictures

My BFF came to visit with her family.... if you want to know how long we've been friends, just check out the little guy below on the right to the big guy in the middle in the picture on top.

I laugh at this picture because our kids were always dressing up and home boy would do whatever the girls were doing to a point. Maria in the middle was confessing in doing something that I didn't want done. Oh the fun!!!!

Our house just as I'm getting ready for Christmas Party guests to arrive. 

 Daddy tracking Santa on Christmas Eve... really. Don't tell anyone, but he still believes.
 You didn't believe me, but you can track Santa! See below.....
 At this point Santa was in Puerto Santa Cruz, Argentina. Really, you could reek havoc on your little one's mind and they would never not believe in Santa again. We know because we've done it with our Leprechaun Hunts and I don't believe my nephew will ever be normal again.
 Purry warming himself by the fire. We've dragged this feline all over the US and even to Alaska two times.... and he's a durable as they come. One time after a flight from Alaska to San Diego we picked him up at the luggage terminal and his cage had collasped all around him, but he still just sat in it until we saved him. Darn airlines!
 Robot bug is so interesting...

 I love this photo because it's Christmas morning and Sunny and D#2 have the same expression on their faces.
 Don't tell anyone but I'm addicted to Angry Birds....
Sometimes you just need some alone time.
 Big Daddy got a Metal Detector for Christmas.... Oh my, what have I done... I'm going to be the one digging up all the metal objects while he waves his wand.
 This picture slays me... this is my husbands absolute insides showing on the outside.
 Dog chases daily.. Dutch loves to be chased and this picture where he has his butt tucked and running is hilarious. 
 I do believe they have smiles on their faces.
 There should be a law about the heating/ac unit going out just before Christmas. I feel like we just purchased a new compact car for the price this baby cost. But doesn't it look nice. IT BETTER!
 We went to Pigeon Forge for a little pre-Christmas Vacation. The lights are incredible. This is the Old Mill. 
 We shopped and I'm not sure what this Bling Bling is for, but I live on a farm and I could use this for tying up my dogs.
 BFF look at this mantel... I thought you might like it for yours.
 D#2 in her natural state... shopping, looking hip and drinking a Vitamin Water.
 Eating pastries in Gatlinburg.
 This picture is exactly what I want to do on a bad day.... Climb a tree and suck on a lollipop.
 We went to the Dixie Stampede Dinner Show....
 Me hunting for greenery to make wreaths.
 Making a wreath.... and I have to say that if wreath making was a spiritual gift, I have it. I love making wreaths a thousand times.
 Here I'm using magnolia leaves, evergreen, holly and cedar. All from my own yard!
 Finished product.
 Late nights with Dad.... home girl was ready for bed when Daddy wanted to go practice Kung Fu in the hayloft. Note the pajama's and Keen boots.
 Me wreath making while my guard dog keeps guard. Shali... check out your present on the back porch... I put Christmas candles behind the glass and it looked like you were looking through a window.
 Early mornings in our barn...
 The front of the house decorated...
 Celeste being her usual comical self.
 I know, that hat needs to go. And that face is enough to scare little children into the next county.
 But he is a good guy and he's the hugger of cats, horses, dogs and old women.
 Sunny with a Christmas light up his nose and shortly after we caught him chewing on Christmas lights....we told him that's not a pleasant way to die. 
 Hope your Christmas was as wonderful as ours,
Java Girl

Sunday, December 18, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth

Celeste our Filly has two front teeth that are loose.... one is really loose. She's about 2 yrs. old and she has baby teeth. Isn't that funny. I think that's funny.
Prissy our miniature mare who is 9 yrs old let's us check her teeth too. But she has her adult teeth and we don't really need to check them... but we do anyways. Because it's funny
Earlier this year Kiele had some teeth pulled.... and the very last two teeth we pulled were his two front teeth. They were lose and hurting him. The Equine Dentist made us pull them... he was very hands on, meaning we paid him to tell us how to pull our own horses teeth. Do you get my meaning. 

This was not funny.

But the dentist kept telling us how good Kiele would feel when we were done. And after looking at this picture I remember he wasn't eating real well because of the pain in his mouth.
And he did feel better.... and I saw a huge difference in him. He seemed happier.
The End.

Giddy Up,
Java Girl

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Micro Catch-up Blog

 Dad's home from deployment and we got a new kitten named Sunny... 
 Sunny has found a new bed, warning.... washing is getting double checked before the start button is pressed. You know what I mean?!
 We added another feline family member.. his name is Chance.. because he looks just like our cat who died in July. No really, the resemblance is unreal to Lucky. And he was named Chance for having a second chance because we felt Lucky was taken from us too soon.
 Sunny and Chance are friends. 
 I couldn't imagine what life would be like if we didn't get these two around the same time. Because Purry and Zorro are not to be bothered with little felines that come and invade their territory. 
 We also took family pictures and tried to include Celeste. This is the only real normal picture because if that silly horse had her way, she'd tried to weasel and nibble her way into the whole picture. Note: Notice Daughter #2 apprehension. 
 Kiele getting a workout in the roundpen.
 We decorated for Christmas and the house has never been more pretty.
 Daughter #1 with new family member. She has a way with cats... notice Sunny's face.
 This year our Leprechaun Hunt involved Sunny getting kidnapped or kitnapped by the Leprechauns. But my smart little niece and nephew stopped it before it happened. They even found where they were going to hold Sunny until the ransom was met. 

 Lots of photography... Dad and Daughter #2 have been having contests on who takes the best pictures. I think they get the love for photography from Grandpa.
 Kiele being stately. 
Being woke up and having your picture taken is a hazard in this house. Unless you are a early riser like Daughter #1.
Kung Fu lessons from Dad on our new friend named Jake. Notice Jakes tatoo and uncanny resemblance to our own Dad.
 Fun with cousins on Photoshop.
 Dutch trying sneak slowly into bed where it's warm. Note: if you come and spend the night here, you might see this.
 Snoop giving hugs... really this dog does hug.

To be continued....