Friday, October 28, 2011

English Country Dancing

Last month my daughters attended an ice cream social which also involved English Country Dancing and I have to tell you that Daughter #1 has talked about the dancing almost everyday since. She simply loved it. 

Daughter #1 located an instructional DVD entitled English Country Dancing as seen below.  My Daughters felt that they would have had more fun if they actually knew how to dance the dances. So we purchased the DVD.
 The quality of this DVD was extraordinary and our whole family sat down to watch it, including our two cats. 

I must say that the camera quality is so clear... and the filming simple and informational.  Below is the informal demonstration of each dance in slow movement.
 Then the formal version which goes at the regular speed of the music.
 Some of the dances are The Virginia Reel, The Soldiers Joy (Daughter #1 favorite) and Patticake Polka (Daughter #2 favorite) to name a few.

Along with the historical narratives regarding etiquette and customs during the  Civil war/Victorian era dances... we were so impressed with the craftsmanship that was put into this delightful DVD.

And if you're interesting in ordering, the creator Garrett Stowe left us with this note: 

If you'd like to purchase a copy of the DVD of your own, you can email me directly or visit Ebay and search on "English Country Dancing."   The DVD cost is $13 with free s&h if you purchase through me directly (if you purchase through Ebay the price is higher to cover listing fees).  Payment is accepted via check or Paypal.  Thanks so much for your interest.  
  Garrett Stowe
This is a picture of last months event... what a grand time with all ages participating.
In a world that seems to pull families apart in regards to social activities, it's so refreshing when we can get back to the basics... with the whole family involved and having fun.

And I feel blessed that my two girls love the simple things in life. 
Giving God the glory, for the things He has done,
Java Girl


  1. I can definitely agree with that ..... It is so nice to see that the young ladies are interested in the simple things that GOD gives us ..... Up north where I reside it is hard enough to find good churches let alone people doing simple things ..... I am not saying that there are no people of such character but from what I can see it is definitely more common where you are ..... Rest well !!!

  2. Hi Summer... so happy to hear from you. I agree with what you said!

    Hope your Fall is fun and eventful, I think you're getting a snow storm right now, from what the weather says.