Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Still Here

Hello to all my dear friends and family, it's been an interesting time in the life of Me. I've been on the road to mending physically and just when I get the report that my pneumonia is all gone, I get the news that I need surgery for a huge hernia that formed while I was coughing my head off with pneumonia.

So as you can see.... it's been an eventful summer. Starting in May with my Hysterectomy, August had some other medical stuff, but all turned out fine. September with pneumonia and hospital and now October with surgery that will put me back on the healing track for about the same time the hysterectomy did.

And to top things off or other words... the cherry on top of the sundae is... my Hubby is coming home and he's in for a wide awaking. I've not seen him since February and he comes home to taking care of me after surgery. I really mean, the timing is insane! There's 365 days in a year and I almost have to have this surgery on the day he comes home.

So I will try to keep you informed on the going's on of us, but there will be lapse's here and there.

Love ya,
Java Girl


  1. Hey there! We're praying for you. You certainly have a lot on your plate. May God bless you and keep you and make His face shine upon you. The Uptons

  2. Gee.... I don't get on here much any more because I opened a shoppe however I feel upset that you have been going through so much .... I will lift you the lord in prayer .... Prayerfully all will be better soon .....Take care and rest !!