Friday, September 2, 2011


There's a man I know, whom I've never met. He's alive and well, but only lives through memories... great memories. He was a husband, father, friend and son. He was wise, Godly and raised three beautiful daughters. His name is Roger.

I have a very special friend that I met not too long after we moved here to Tennessee. I met her at one of the hardest times of her life. She was taking care of her dying mother in her home. And the tiredness and turmoil that one has to endure, would show in her countenance. It's been a year since her mother has passed and during that year there has been a time of healing. 

This is how I met Roger. 

Roger was my friends husband and he died five years before my friends mother. 

With this newness of life for my friend and her daughters and a new gained freedom for them, we've had time to sit around the dinner table and just listen to their stories and memories. Stories about their Daddy, which they call him. Mostly funny stories of how full of life he was... how he would play his trumpet early in the morning or how their house on a hill would look like a landing strip when he decided to turn all the lights on at night. Or how he scared them with his antics. I've heard through his children how they viewed him... and I wish you could hear the stories. Precious stories.

The Bible speaks of widows, with instruction on how we are to take care of them. And after a visit, where my Hubby was able to meet them... he and I reminisced and realized that God has called them to endure much and yet there is so much joy. We both said, Whoa, to whoever tries to cause them harm. And this has came to pass. There is a protective gathering of friends and family around them. Our Lord is alway so faithful in doing what He says He will do through His word!

Roger would be so proud of his sweet family, not only is the oldest daughter an amazing student, she's also traveled to Ireland and just came back from China on a missions trip. She's an accomplished singer and we've always enjoyed listening to her especially in our home, when we make her eat a big meal then sing. The middle daughter has been another huge blessing, by making time to pick berries, come and play duets with my youngest daughter. And by her smile. That sweet smile that is always on her face. Their youngest daughter of the three is a go getter. She's always moving, cooking, milking cows and is a Task Master in my book. Sweet as can be, is what comes to mind when I think of her.

As my friend and I visited yesterday... I love how God just allows us to be on the same wave link. You see we have a lot in common.... we both don't have husbands who are there to orchestrate the Man Jobs, as we call it in our house. We are the ones who talk about mechanics, lawn tractors problems, weather, mowing, missions, our daughters and this world that we live in. How they don't fit in it at times because of their faith and then we rejoice that they don't fit in. We talk about God things, the things that really matter.

And I am blessed by them.

Blessed by a man named Roger who I never met.

Who left behind a legacy that I'm able to revel at.

Java Girl

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