Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Licence Plate Purses

My Hubby and I found these cute purses in a store in California. They are old license plates recycled and made into the most durable purses around. Even the silver ends are from bumpers of old cars. And as if that's not enough, they top it off with a adorable soda top for the snap.
They have almost every state available. In several sizes. We bought the Classic Cyclone for both of our girls and it's a great size.

Below, they can add some Bling (sparkle) if you want that too.

But this mini cyclone is adorable too and I've even seen it taken to prom. That's how fashionable they are.

My oldest says that when she's out and about, people will come up to her and ask her about her purse and where she bought it. In fact, one time she was in the airport trying to get on a flight and a lady chased her down to ask about the purse.

Check them out at shop.littlearth.com

Have a Java Day!

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