Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Job Interview

As many of you know, my youngest Daughter is a very interesting character. If you've read any of my previous blogs... you would get the picture.

But for those of you that don't know her... well you've just plainly been missing out. She's a lover of animals, art and especially the piano. She's quick witted and has a gift with words. She's also the one that makes the whole house suffer when she has a dilemma. She's optimistic, strong, playful, can fix almost anything and very intuitive.
So on to my story... she's finally able to look for a job and move on in life, because I've needed her home to help take care of things. I've had two major surgeries in 16 months and I just couldn't have her gone. So with that said, she's lately been filling out job applications and preparing her resume. So yesterday she was called in on a interview. But there was a slight problem. She's developed this weird cough that I diagnosed as Valley Fever.
Now stop laughing, really, I'm good at knowing these kind of things! 
So any who... she didn't feel that she was thinking clear that morning before the interview and she had already dressed before I woke up, so she decided to buy some cough syrup and take it before her interview. This event was a mistake... suddenly while she was at her interview, she couldn't form full sentences and her words were slurred and she was sure that it was her worse interview ever.

So when she arrives home after the interview, she comes in to tell me how it went. But I was a little alarmed when I saw how she was dressed. It was like a cross between going to the barn and going to a ditch digging. Simply, she wasn't dressed for a interview, period. 

So I listened to how it went and then I asked her the question that was running through my head... it was this, What in the world possessed you to dress that way for your interview? She said, she wanted to feel comfortable and then started to take her sneakers off and I noticed that she had two different colored socks. I said, What in the whole wide world caused you to not wear the same colored socks. And she said, I dont know? She then becomes alarmed... and I'm a little upset that she's wasn't focusing on taking more interest in being prepared. 

Then she told me about the cough syrup. And I thought, Oh Dear... she's never going to get that job!

And this picture came to mind as I was thinking this whole situation through.
And the whole day she walked around the house and fretted.. then she made the horrible mistake of watching Mystery Diagnosis on TV. Because the girl on the show was 20 and had a bad cough. She's been banned from watching that show, because she always thinks she had the rare disease that they report on. 

That will show her! 

By the way, she did get the job!!!

Boy, that was a miracle....

Java Weary,

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