Thursday, August 11, 2011


My oldest daughter and I love the 1993-1994 Christy series. It's about a school teacher who goes to Cutter Gap, Tennessee to teach at a mission.

The small town of Townsend Tennessee has a Christy Festival where the actors come and mingle with Christy fans... it's so much fun.
Emily Schulman pictured below was there. She is as vibrant and wonderful as her character Ruby Mae on the series. She also has three beautiful children with red hair as beautiful as their mother's. 
If you are familar with the series... this is the Spencer cabin that still stands today. A lot of the set buildings are still standing and they are only 5 minutes from Townsend.
El Pano Blacksmith and Mail Barn...
The school house where Christy taught...(thank goodness for a zoom lens)
School house from the road... the property is privately owned now.
The Tea House in El Pano, which is privately owned and was a cute little country house now.
El Pano Barn and pond... 
Here daughter #1 and I are in Knoxville on a dinner cruise. Many of the actors tagged along and they became like friends to us. Also historians were there too, to answer any questions you might have about the real Christy and the area.

If there's one thing Knoxville has, it's bridges... everywhere.
The wonderful band called Sunday Drive that played and sang while on the cruise.
Downtown Knoxville...
The famous Mast Department Store that we went to visit...
And now for the fun stuff. Two of the actors Mr. Bogg (left) and Bird's Eye (right) joined us as we acted out a radio show. This time was so funny and I laughed way too much and too loud!
Daughter #1 acting with Christy fans and Bonnie Prince Charlie (right). And may I say that my girl read her lines beautifully!
Here's Emily with my daughter after she won the stuffed possum that Emily is holding. In the series, Emily/Ruby Mae could cook possum anyway you liked, boiled, fried etc.
The beautiful Smoky Mountains...
Below is my daughter at an antique store on the way home. My daughter loves cats and it seems to be universal knowledge in the cat world.
So much fun and the views were amazing. I love that we had one of those perfect trips... the log cabin was to die for and the people were friendly and really fun to be with. This will go down in history as the best Mom and Daughter trip we've ever made together.

Yours Truly,
Java Girl

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