Monday, August 22, 2011

An A+ Monday

This weekend our field had it's second cutting of hay. 
See how nice and mowed it is.
 It's so well cut that you can't tell where the field and lawn begin or end.
By the way... this only looks this way twice a year, so I believe that it deserves a picture to be taken to remember the moment (this is my suppressed perfectionist lawn diva coming out)
 This is a picture that I painted today, while watching my horses finally get to run to their hearts content, because the hay is gone.
 No really, I didn't paint that picture but it's uncanny how similar the lead horse is to my horse.

But they were running today in single file like the photo above... except for the last horse, she looked like this. And I know what you're thinking right now! That that must look really funny... well you're right, in fact it's hilarious!!!!!
Running to the bird feeder to lick up all the little remnants of seed. 
Running into the clothes line.
Running like they haven't been in the big field since last May. which is exactly how long it's been.
 And all during this time, this mutt of all mutts didn't know whether he wanted to herd them (the Blue Healer breed in him) or be a horse police dog (the German Shepherd in him). I guess he has some identity issues.  
But you already knew that...... (sorry, just keeping it real)

Pet your dog, scratch you pig, comb you cat or ride your horse for me today,
Java Girl

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  1. It is all good isn't it !!! Enjoy your wednesday !!!