Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Some of My Favorite Pictures

My Husband and his Mom.... 
 My Sweet Family...
 Amazing Ukrainian Children...
 Our Sweet Friends that we've known for at least 20 years...
 Our Flag in beautiful sunny California....
My Grandfather holding my younger sister and I, he is one of the few, besides my husband, that taught me, loved me unconditionally and invested in my life... 
 I love that my husband still likes to skip rocks...
 For new friends that bring a spark to our lives....
Ukrainian market... look at all the salami's....

My dearest friend on the planet and her family....

Cowgirl boots....
Family... who just make me so proud... even though they all  have a hereditary eyesight problem.
That little girls can come and brush horses at my farm and I get to see how thrilled it makes them...
 Downtown San Diego which is my home away from home...

 My horses, who God has used to teach me so many things, like to live in the moment and to not hold grudges.
Have a Java Day!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guys and Dolls

Sunday we went to a Guys and Dolls theater production and I never laughed so hard in the last 10 years... really, my sides still hurt today.
 We were able to finally visit the newly remodeled Franklin Theater in downtown Franklin Tennessee. So if you are ever in the area or taking a vacation here... it's a must see. They also have Green Night which is when a special singing star... usually Country or Christian artists appear.

The theater makes you feel like you are back in time to the 1930's.
Bridgestone Tire sponsored the production... and this little air pressure gauge was a token of their appreciation. 
How did they know I needed that... with all my tires problems here on the farm?

Oh and if you ever get to the area to see it... make sure you eat at Pucketts Restaurant right around the corner.

As the song goes....

I love you, a bushel and a peck!
A bushel and a peck, and a hug around the neck!
Java Girl

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Job Interview

As many of you know, my youngest Daughter is a very interesting character. If you've read any of my previous blogs... you would get the picture.

But for those of you that don't know her... well you've just plainly been missing out. She's a lover of animals, art and especially the piano. She's quick witted and has a gift with words. She's also the one that makes the whole house suffer when she has a dilemma. She's optimistic, strong, playful, can fix almost anything and very intuitive.
So on to my story... she's finally able to look for a job and move on in life, because I've needed her home to help take care of things. I've had two major surgeries in 16 months and I just couldn't have her gone. So with that said, she's lately been filling out job applications and preparing her resume. So yesterday she was called in on a interview. But there was a slight problem. She's developed this weird cough that I diagnosed as Valley Fever.
Now stop laughing, really, I'm good at knowing these kind of things! 
So any who... she didn't feel that she was thinking clear that morning before the interview and she had already dressed before I woke up, so she decided to buy some cough syrup and take it before her interview. This event was a mistake... suddenly while she was at her interview, she couldn't form full sentences and her words were slurred and she was sure that it was her worse interview ever.

So when she arrives home after the interview, she comes in to tell me how it went. But I was a little alarmed when I saw how she was dressed. It was like a cross between going to the barn and going to a ditch digging. Simply, she wasn't dressed for a interview, period. 

So I listened to how it went and then I asked her the question that was running through my head... it was this, What in the world possessed you to dress that way for your interview? She said, she wanted to feel comfortable and then started to take her sneakers off and I noticed that she had two different colored socks. I said, What in the whole wide world caused you to not wear the same colored socks. And she said, I dont know? She then becomes alarmed... and I'm a little upset that she's wasn't focusing on taking more interest in being prepared. 

Then she told me about the cough syrup. And I thought, Oh Dear... she's never going to get that job!

And this picture came to mind as I was thinking this whole situation through.
And the whole day she walked around the house and fretted.. then she made the horrible mistake of watching Mystery Diagnosis on TV. Because the girl on the show was 20 and had a bad cough. She's been banned from watching that show, because she always thinks she had the rare disease that they report on. 

That will show her! 

By the way, she did get the job!!!

Boy, that was a miracle....

Java Weary,

Monday, August 22, 2011

An A+ Monday

This weekend our field had it's second cutting of hay. 
See how nice and mowed it is.
 It's so well cut that you can't tell where the field and lawn begin or end.
By the way... this only looks this way twice a year, so I believe that it deserves a picture to be taken to remember the moment (this is my suppressed perfectionist lawn diva coming out)
 This is a picture that I painted today, while watching my horses finally get to run to their hearts content, because the hay is gone.
 No really, I didn't paint that picture but it's uncanny how similar the lead horse is to my horse.

But they were running today in single file like the photo above... except for the last horse, she looked like this. And I know what you're thinking right now! That that must look really funny... well you're right, in fact it's hilarious!!!!!
Running to the bird feeder to lick up all the little remnants of seed. 
Running into the clothes line.
Running like they haven't been in the big field since last May. which is exactly how long it's been.
 And all during this time, this mutt of all mutts didn't know whether he wanted to herd them (the Blue Healer breed in him) or be a horse police dog (the German Shepherd in him). I guess he has some identity issues.  
But you already knew that...... (sorry, just keeping it real)

Pet your dog, scratch you pig, comb you cat or ride your horse for me today,
Java Girl

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Birthday Bash for Daughter #1

Daughter #1 had her 22nd Birthday and we wanted to make it special...
 So we booked an evening on the General Jackson Showboat...
 And enjoyed an easy and relaxing ride down the Cumberland River ...

When you first arrive, you head to the top deck where a live band is playing and you can get something to drink....
And after about 20 minutes you are called to dinner and enter this beautiful ballroom which took us all by surprise at how magnificent it was.... 
After a wonderful meal... we watched a live show from our seats... it was called the Countdown through Country Music...

And I can't imagine two more lovelier creatures than my daughters to spend the evening with. God has surely blessed me more than I could have ever imagine...

Thursday, August 11, 2011


My oldest daughter and I love the 1993-1994 Christy series. It's about a school teacher who goes to Cutter Gap, Tennessee to teach at a mission.

The small town of Townsend Tennessee has a Christy Festival where the actors come and mingle with Christy fans... it's so much fun.
Emily Schulman pictured below was there. She is as vibrant and wonderful as her character Ruby Mae on the series. She also has three beautiful children with red hair as beautiful as their mother's. 
If you are familar with the series... this is the Spencer cabin that still stands today. A lot of the set buildings are still standing and they are only 5 minutes from Townsend.
El Pano Blacksmith and Mail Barn...
The school house where Christy taught...(thank goodness for a zoom lens)
School house from the road... the property is privately owned now.
The Tea House in El Pano, which is privately owned and was a cute little country house now.
El Pano Barn and pond... 
Here daughter #1 and I are in Knoxville on a dinner cruise. Many of the actors tagged along and they became like friends to us. Also historians were there too, to answer any questions you might have about the real Christy and the area.

If there's one thing Knoxville has, it's bridges... everywhere.
The wonderful band called Sunday Drive that played and sang while on the cruise.
Downtown Knoxville...
The famous Mast Department Store that we went to visit...
And now for the fun stuff. Two of the actors Mr. Bogg (left) and Bird's Eye (right) joined us as we acted out a radio show. This time was so funny and I laughed way too much and too loud!
Daughter #1 acting with Christy fans and Bonnie Prince Charlie (right). And may I say that my girl read her lines beautifully!
Here's Emily with my daughter after she won the stuffed possum that Emily is holding. In the series, Emily/Ruby Mae could cook possum anyway you liked, boiled, fried etc.
The beautiful Smoky Mountains...
Below is my daughter at an antique store on the way home. My daughter loves cats and it seems to be universal knowledge in the cat world.
So much fun and the views were amazing. I love that we had one of those perfect trips... the log cabin was to die for and the people were friendly and really fun to be with. This will go down in history as the best Mom and Daughter trip we've ever made together.

Yours Truly,
Java Girl