Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We Grow Cats Here

I don't think I've talked a whole lot about Zorro our fearless 1 year old who is more like a kangaroo that a cat.
Do you see him below? Look real close....
 He's always there, ready and eager to help you with an project you are working on... here we were planting flowers and we had no idea that he jumped into the hole before we could get the flowers in...
He's also helps me dig holes, like the time I was planting herbs and he just came along side me and started digging. And fast... this crazy, skinny, courteous feline uses our house like a racetrack and he's got the heaviest feet, it sounds like a miniature horse running through the house.

Hopes this entry brightens you day.

Kiss your cat for me,
Java Girl

Monday, July 18, 2011

YouTube and Other Miscellaneous Ramblings

In all the years that I've been a military wife... I've had to learn to adjust. 

Our first type of communication when Hubby was gone was snail mail and the occasional phone call.

Then email and a few more phone calls.

Now since the war on terror they pass out phone cards like it's christmas time all year.

But now we can Skype, email, text or phone each other frequently.

And along with the information highway... there's the fact that anytime something breaks or I need more knowledge of how it works or runs.... 

I go to YouTube.

I've repaired my lawnmower, did an oil change on it, learned how to change out the drive line, fixed the computer, learned how to can peaches and learned how to repair the pull cord on the weed whacker..... are you getting any idea of what I spend my time doing?

My favorite Youtuber who helps me a lot is a guy in Canada and he can fix anything to do with a small engine. Check him out, even if it's to listen to his accent ...donyboy73's Channel 

Lawnmowers are my downfall.... I just look at the thing and I swear it breaks! I know it knows that Hubby is thousands of miles away and that Youtube can't fix it this time.

That's why I have two lawnmowers that are broke and even I and the Canadian guy can't fix them. Well don't feel too bad for me... one is still under warranty and the other one is not that important in the realm of things.

But still... this is a military household and things need to be running smoothly. Right? Well in a perfect world, "Yes" but in my world, "No, not usually". I've even got to the point early in our military career that if the kids had all their limbs, had been fed and we didn't make a trip to the Emergency Room... that was a good day.

Until Tomorrow,
Java Wife/Mom/Mechanic/Nurse/Guidance Counselor/Veterinarian/Maid/Coffee Drinking/Cook/Blog writing/Cloud watching/Grocery Shopping...