Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Trouble With Lowes

My sweet Daughter #2 has a problem.... with Lowe's. Almost everytime she enters the store something happens.

For example... she was picking up grill parts for me one day and met this sales associate named Nancy. Nancy was very rude and obnoxious. So on her way to check out Daughter #2 called me and told me how she treated her. I advised her to tell the manager. She did and that was the end of that.

Then two months later... Daughter #2 was at Lowe's with her Uncle Andy and she saw Nancy.... Nancy gave her the stink eye. And of course she freaked out my sweet girl!

Nancy started me thinking, that maybe Lowe's is desperate and hires crazy menopausal woman to keep the store in order. 

Then several months later as Daughter #2 and I were checking out of Lowe's, we exited out the doors to find Nancy stopping us and questioning Daughter #2 on why to told the manager about what bad service she received from her. I (Mom) astonished by what was happening... finally told Nancy that she needed to question whether treating my daughter that way was very professional. She just stared at us as we went to our car and I decided that maybe Nancy needed to be reported again. Daughter #2 did and as she approached the counter, crazy Nancy appears and says to Daughter #2, "I know what your doing." Not to say the least, the woman simply freaked us both out. I then called the manager and told her what Nancy did. And that was the end of that.

Not to add insult to injury.... but today we were at Lowe's, Daughter #2 went in to purchase Round Up and she exited as I waited in the car. She unloaded the purchase and returned her cart to the racks. Then we noticed a police car following us as we drove to finish our errands. Sure enough.... he stops us!! And comes up to Daughter #2 window and asks to see our receipt for the Round Up..... I thought You've got to be kidding me!!! After the policeman apologized for stopping us.... I and Daughter #2 started to brainstorm why they would think she was stealing Round Up of all things.

As I sit here.... maybe the reason is that we get a military discount and I know I've used it way too much the last year... lawn tractor, refrigerator, dishwasher.....Round Up etc. Maybe this is a way to stop us from shopping there. Or maybe Nancy has a diabolical plan to destroy my youngest daughter. Maybe that Taser Gun we gave her will get some use. But I honesty don't think that I will get that sweet daughter of mine to ever step into Lowe's again.

So for all of you out there.... who want a peaceful, lovely, positive day.... we do too. But we've come to the conclusion that it won't be at Lowe's.

May I see your receipt?
Java Girl


  1. O MY WORD !! Nancy sounds like a job for JESUS maybe she could use a BIBLE tract.... Is your daughter ok ....Rest well !!

  2. Isn't it crazy.... we still can't believe what happened.

  3. Yes it is crazier than a "hoot owl " .... Just make sure she is careful around that woman
    .... p.s. Love the cherry pie Enjoy !