Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tennessee Dogs

Since moving to Tennessee, I've observed many things or events that are foreign to me... and I feel it is my dubious pleasure to share them with you and inform you on unimportant satistics and such.

Here it goes.

Tennessee Dogs are different in the respect that most of them have a furosious side. And in the State of Tennessee you can mace a dog if you're walking by and he comes out to eat you.

Tennessee also allows tazoring too, but that's a blog for another time.

Tennessee dogs also like to visit with their friends, which is ironically what their masters like to do to. You don't believe me... try asking for directions and see how long it takes before you can get away. And the directions will be like this... Well go down to the corner where the tree fell down in 82' and then make a right at the house with the green car and if the sun is out you'll notice a large 2 story on your left...... and it goes on and on.

I have a blind neighbor dog named Scooby and he gets around better than the dogs that can see. I meant to get a picture for this blog.. but couldn't make it over to his house before writing this. The first time I saw him, he freaked me out because his eyes look like they are bulging out of his head. But he is the sweetest, lovingest dog I know. I also am amazed because Scooby and Dutch are friends. And if any of you don't know our Dutch, he doesn't make and keep friends easily.

Tennessee Dogs feel it is their God-given right to chase your car when passing their house... and many are quite proficient. They have a begin point and a stopping point and the trail to prove it.

Tennessee Dogs feel it is their right to initiate the new dog into the neighborhood. Snoop will confess to this... and after living in Alaska and never seeing or knowing what a dog fight was... he has changed his attitude towards life in general.

And lastly, Tennessee Dogs have a reputation and the dog bite stories to prove it. For example, I've had repairmen sit in my driveway and call me on the phone to come get my dogs who are sitting outside of their driver's side window. 

Yours Truly,
Java Girl

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