Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cherries, Cherries and more Cherries

Since my mom is still recovering from her surgery I thought I, her eldest daughter, would write a blog in her stead and since we’ve had cherry season and all we did every day was think about cherries, I figured I would write about this.
Back on May 25th is when our cherry season started, so early on the 27th my sister and I drove to an orchard nearby to pick sweet cherries. In just under an hour we had picked 20 pounds and wondered what we would do with it all. Little did we know it would take less then a week to eat them up even after giving some to our pastor and friends. The latter have a sour cherry tree, so on the 28th I went cherry picking again. It took about an hour to pick the tree and then one of my friends and I each made a cherry pie. My first and boy, was it delicous! I just loved the whole process of picking, pitting and baking the cherries.

Here I am picking
Here’s my friend and I with the cherries we picked
The pie in the process of making..
The completion
Oh, and we also made cherry almond jelly. Mmmm... so good! To make this just follow your jelly recipe and then add some almond extract.
Here’s my sister stirring the pot.... as usual.
Then on the following Monday I went cherry picking for the last time with the same friends as on Saturday. I was able to bring home enough to make another pie. Though it wasn’t as good as the first. The trick is to cook it in the convection oven at a lower heat. This way it turns out like a pie is supposed to. Otherwise it’s more like a cobbler if you do it on just the regular oven setting.
Cherry season only lasts about a week here, so it has come to an end. I found out you can freeze cherries and if you sprinkle sugar over them it keeps them fresher longer. Wish I had picked a lot more cherries, because now they are quite pricey in the store.
I look forward to next cherry season!
Java Daughter #1


  1. Hello my dear friend, daughter #1. Great to see you have written a bit here too. The cherries looks so delicious.
    Thanks a lot for your fantastic letter which I received yesterday. It was great to hear from you again. Hope you and your family are having a great summer. Hugs:)

  2. Hey Tone! I'm so glad you read the blog and also that my letter arrived. :) Yes, we are having a very nice summer and I hope you are too! Hugs Back.

  3. Hmmm looks like you are all cherried out ..... Your fruit comes in much earlier than ours up here in the northeast .... Hope you are enjoying your summer !!!!