Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Tick Taxi

Little did we know that on that cold Feburary day in 2010, while we drove to the Dog Pound to maybe look at puppies... that we would end up with this.

Oh there's nothing wrong with him, it's just Dutch being Dutch. We call him Rubber Dog, Tick Taxi (because he usually is carrying around more ticks on his body, than all the other animals on the farm), Autistic, Dumb, Brillant among other names that I won't mention today.

When Dutch doesn't want to do something, he does this... I'm not sure if he's using shock therapy on us or what.
 And this....
 and this...
 And he's forever chewing on Snoop his faithful friend and   mentor (we hope).
Because Snoop is normal and has a brain.

Make sure you scratch your dog behind the ears for me,
Java Girl

The Art Of Pulling Equine Teeth

My Gelding Kiele has not been feeling too well, so after his chiropractic adjustments I decided to have the Horse Dentist out. And we found out some things... Kiele age was always a guess, because he was caught at the BLM (Bureau of Land Management in Nevada) and they guessimate what the age is, which they said he was 3 1/2 yrs.But the Equine Dentist is more accurate and he said that  Kiele is 2 yr. and 6 to 7 months by the Dentist estimate. And he had to have 7 baby teeth pulled because they weren't coming out by themselves.

Here's the Dentist feeling his way around Kiele's sore mouth.

The contraption below was genius on how well it held Kiele upright while he was tranquilized... and the Dentist didn't let anyone stand by idle. He was very hands on and involving and teaching us the whole way. Now that I think of it, why did I write the check to him anyways?

 Here Daughter #2 is not too happy to help, but we don't pay attention to fear at this point... it's all about the experience. So she's all ready to pull his molar out. Check out her face.
 Below is after all the drama, Kiele was extremely fine and didn't flinch at all. And Daughter #2 is relieved that it's over too. But I'll bet you a $1000 that the first thing she posted on her Facebook status was something about pulling a horse tooth. 
 There's Kiele's molar. Poor Boy, that had to been killing him.
 And just like after fishing... we had to clean the catch/tooth and start on the other 6 that had to be removed.

 I'm happy to report the Kiele is doing so good now. The Dentist said he has to be feeling 1000 times better. He said some horses have a hard time getting rid of their baby teeth. And that was his case. What I thought was behavioral was just his teeth trying to come in.

Hope you enjoyed this post, it was pretty amazing.

Happy Trails,
Java Girl