Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Horse Ministries

My girls and I had a night out last Friday and on the way to a beautiful farm in Franklin Tennessee, we wondered what we would find. I had heard about the Wild Horse Ministries and they use a horse to demonstrate the process of salvation. But I never imagined how amazing it would be.

Below is the opening ceremony...

Then the star of the show comes out. His name is Paul Daily and he's sold out on the Lord. He not only can break a horse... but he takes you through the process (narration) of becoming a Christian WHILE he's breaking the horse.  For example.. when he first gets the horse in the round pen, his only goal is to get control of the horse's feet by having him stop and turn direction. Next his wants the horse to stop and turn his head towards him. Paul say's that's what we have to do too... stop in our busy life and look towards Jesus. Every move the horse makes relates to our process of coming to Jesus. AMAZING to say the least..

Below is the last thing that Paul expects the horse to do. Lay down. Meaning, "Soldout for Christ".

Paul Daily and his family travel the US and operate on donations only. I hope you'll check out their website

Have a Java Day,
Java Girl

PS- These pictures are taken from their website... because I forgot my camera. Please forgive me.


  1. We saw this young man one night on I think it was nightline ....Fabulous and what a love for CHRIST ....A great testimony !!

  2. Oops ..... Not the same man ....I realized that after i looked on his website although the young man we saw had a ministry very very similiar .... Who knows maybe they are even related .....Have a nice night !