Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Horse Chiropractic

For those of you tuning into my blog... I've had a special experience today, that I thought you'd love to hear about. My horse Kiele has been having problems turning his head... especially when I'm working him in the round pen. So being that I live in the middle of horse country.. they have Equine Chiropractors. Here's Dr. Reynolds adjusting the pelvic area of Kiele... his pelvis was rotated and the area whole area of his neck had four vertebra that were subluxated (out of alignment).

Here I am questioning everything he's doing to Kiele. When I get around horse people who know their stuff... I'm an endless trail of questions.

Here Doc is teaching me how to stretch the legs to help the alignment.

This part of the adjustment is so interesting... the Doc uses acupressure to get Kiele in a relaxed state. And I don't know if you can see it... but Kiele's tongue is hanging out. How funny is that!

Here Kiele is practically sleeping while standing up. 

 Amazing to say the least! 

Some people tell me that Chiropractic is useless... but animals have nothing to prove, they either get better or don't and after the adjustments he looked so good and he was holding his head up high. 

Last year Snoop our dog had a pinched nerve and his back and his legs were giving out on him. Dr. Reynolds came to our home and after two adjustments he was running around like he was a puppy.

Until Later,
Java Girl


  1. That doctor is amazing ....God has given him a very special gift of taking care of the animals and he seems the right kind of man to do so ....Is kiele doing better ?

  2. Yes he is... he just received his follow-up appointment and he is good to go!

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  4. Thanks Daniel... Kiele also shortly after being adjusted, jumped out of the pasture because he felt so good!

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