Friday, March 18, 2011

What's The Heck Is Goin On

In the last 3 1/2 weeks... we've been busy to say the least. Hubby is getting ready for another deployment and with that comes my Honey Dew/Do List.

This is what we've done...

1) Bought 16 tons of sand and Hubby and Daughter #2 have spread it in the round pen where I work the horses.

2) Hubby has went out to breakfast with his church buddies exactly three times.

3) We went to the Grand Ole Opry.

4) We saw Kenny Rogers... Kenny don't look too good. But his voice is still the same.

5) We went to Bass Pro Shop.

6) We spent money at Bass Pro Shop 

7) Hubby bought a pair of Crocs for deployment. Who would have ever guessed?! Color: Jungle Brown.

8.) We had a flood in our home.

9) Exactly one year ago we had another flood in our home and I'm getting a little worried about this annual flood thing.

10) Parts of our house are a mess and discombobulated.

11) I like order, so am seeking help for this disturbance in my life.

12) We ate dinner with the Sheriff of our county last night... he's our friend and we love him.

13) We had 2 tons of mulch delivered. This, I will have the pleasure of spreading because we've ran out of time, again.

14) We had to replace the dishwasher.

15) We found out why our appliances are failing.... too much water pressure.

16) Had pressure gauge installed.

17) Refrigerator is not working right.

18) Had repairman out and he thought he fixed it.

19) Refrigerator working a little better... but not good enough.

20) Dutch our gross shovel licking dog, ate a piece of a lightbulb.

21) I'm not worried about Dutch because he eats all sorts of nasty things and still lives. Once he ate a Decon killed mouse and he just looked like he had a stomach ache for about 50 minutes.

22) Daughter #1 had to have a Root Canal.

23) Daughter #2 got a great job doing what she loves.

24) Dad re-screened the porch where Dutch had bite through acting like he was super dog.

25) Porch took a lot longer than planned, because of the flood.

26) We went to a funeral for a sweet church member.

27) I started teaching Sunday School.

28) We had one Leprechaun siting. (photo below)

 And so the story goes... why does time fly by so fast? And as I get older, it moves faster and faster.

 Celeste being her usual silly self.

 Bet you didn't know that we have free range horses. Out of all the acreage they have to eat.. they like to be up by the house.

 Celeste is wondering how she got so lucky to live here.

Daughter #2 is setting up a cat duel. These two nut heads love to get on the fence and box with each other. 

William our nephew wondered if there had been any Leprechaun sitings... here you go William. I didn't know that we have a Cowboy Leprechaun!

Until Later,
Java Girl

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