Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Poopy Day

If you are reading this blog right now.. that means you're faithful, because I have been so bad at keeping in touch with all of you that I wouldn't be surprised if you've dumped me. But I have a good reason... my Hubby! He's home and we've been busy before his next deployment.

WARNING: The contents of this blog today.. are not beautiful, pretty, proper, fragrant (good), lady like or necessary to share. 

But I'm going to anyways.

Here's what's happened only today....

1) I woke up with my oldest telling me that her kitty can't go poop and that he's in a lot of pain.
2) The Plumber came to check our sewer.
3) I gave the cat something I concocted to help the cat go poop.
4) The cat is 14 years old and I wondered if he was going to live past today. Maybe he's just pooped out and wants to pass on to the other side. 
5) I watched as the Plumber and his son, opened our two sewer lids and saw more poop than I wanted. 
6) The Plumber said that's a lot of poop and grease.... and he called the sewer company to come pump out our sewer.....
7) I said to myself, Self.... didn't his advertisement say that he pumped out sewers and self said, "Yes, he did"
8)  Then plumber man asked for $100.
9)   I looked at Hubby.
10) Hubby didn't look happy. Hubby never looks happy when he is watching his money fly away.
11) I go back in the house to check on kitty and he's not doing well... 
12) So I go and prepare a kitty enema.
13) I try to administer it.
14) Bad news... kitty is blocked.
15) So plumber leaves with $100 in his pocket and we wait for Sewer man.
16) Sewer man is a special person, because I don't think you could pay me to come and take away other peoples poop.
17) He was polite and nice and did his job well.
18) Kitty report is not good, but we are not sharing the kitty news with Dad until he's done with the other poop. 
19) Daddy has a flashlight and is helping sewer man.
20) The dogs decide to lick the poop shovels that have been used.
21) I decide that dogs are the most disgusting creatures on earth.
22) I look out on the pasture and see every horse poop that is laying in the pasture.
23) I then remember that we had a mystery pooper that would leave a present on our driveway every morning.
24) We used the game camera to find out who is was.
25) We only saw small bunny on the camera... there's no way he could have done it.
26) Sewer man leaves with $165, but I feel he deserves a $100 tip.
27) I don't tip him.
28) Because I want him to get his reward in Heaven.
29) Dad looks at Kitty.
30) Kitty goes to Vet with a price on his head (If you know what I mean)
31) More poop at the Vet.
32) More talk about poooop getting out of kitty.
33) Game plan set in place.... laxative, cream, pills and time.
34) Daddy calls to ask if Kitty gets to live.
35) I drive to the store to get Kitty supplies for more enemas.
36) I'm tired of poop.
37) I then end my day... by going down to the barn, shoveling poop and then walking through poop to feed horses and water them.
38) I'm pooped out.

Then End,
Java Girl

PS- Turn in tomorrow where I will tell you about some more stuff.


  1. We have never laughed so hard... Thanks for the great play by play! The Uptons

  2. Thats a lotta darn poop !! .....Rest well because you deserve it .....I also saw that your husband will be going again .....I will pray for him as your sister in CHRIST .

  3. P.S. I will also pray for you while he is away as well ..... Although my husband is not in the military anymore ( it has been a very long time since Viet Nam ) he does go off to our sons to help him with his business every so many weeks and he stays away for a bit and although it is not deployment i still miss him when he is gone ( husbands are very valuable people ) ....Still I will pray for the protection of him and your homestead and your sanity when it comes to the Poop lol