Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Franklin Tea Shop

If there's one thing that my girls have taught me to love... it's tea. And my oldest can find the best loose leaf tea shop around. She's tactical that way... it's in her blood. 

Below is our new favorite place to purchase teas like... Cherry Rose, Coconut Oolong and Hibiscus Peach.
Here's the inside of this cute little shop.
Also you can order tea's online, just go to

One lump or two?
Java Girl

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  1. i surely enjoy loose tea ..... about 5 years ago i began blending my own teas and selling them too at the market in town ....i really put my heart into it and have learned so much about all the different herbs ....i have even grown some of my own lavenders , lemon verbena , lemon balm , hyssop , ecchinachea , bee balm , sage and the list goes on .... the tea shop you visit looks like a good one with plenty of product to choose from .