Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Bird

I love watching birds... but I haven't always enjoyed it. What started me even thinking about a bird was my Grandparent's persistence that we watch the birds, feed the birds, watch the birds daily again and again. I remember Cedar Wax Wings, Cardinals, Blue Jays and Finches. And my Grandpa would buy his bird seed by the 100 pound bags back then.

So you can imagine my surprise when I looked out the other day to see our miniature horse eating away at the fallen bird seed. She likes it a lot... I mean a lot! It's hard to lead her away from the bird feeder. Seriously, she's not to be reckoned with.
And so I sympathize with the old girl because I too have a problem with eating what I shouldn't, but it not stopping me either. The only different is that Prissy aka Sweet Pea, Pig Pen, Wooley Mammoth, is on a diet horse food which she doesn't like... she actually took her bucket one day and threw it up against the stall door, when she had taken note that she had to be put back on her diet food (She had been eating the regular horse food, because we had run out).

Below I actually think she's trying to hide behind the pole. What do you think?
So as I watched my Big Bird at the feeder a little longer, I suddenly came to the conclusion that the worst thing that could possibly happen to me was I get old, get put in a home and never taste the sweet, lovely delicious foods that I enjoy.... and instead I be put on a old people's diet with no salt, fat, caffeine, flavor or enjoyment.

So I let Prissy eat a little bit longer in support of my rebellion.

And then I remember when my Grandpa was in the nursing home and they wouldn't let him eat shelled peanuts, because they thought he would choke on them. "How ridiculous" I said, "He's 94 years old and he's eaten shelled peanuts his whole life!

It's it funny how when you get old, people try to save you from yourself?

Don't forget to feed the birds today,
Java Girl


  1. That's Miss Priss!!! (AKA all the names you have listed!!!) Yes, I believe she is hiding to see how long she can get away with it!! Thank you for posting!!!


  2. We feed the birds every day fact they are "breaking our wallets" .....they are definitely worth it though so adorable and dependant on GOD ......they teach me and my husband so much....LOVE LOVE your pony !!