Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's Breaking News....Leprechaun Sighting

  During the last few weeks Hubby has been setting up the game camera in order to see if he could capture on film the Leprechauns that so cleverly escaped the great Leprechaun hunters William and Lizzy. If you don't remember... they were the ones who discovered their hideout and almost captured them and their gold on their last visit to our farm. 

  When my Hubby checked that game camera the other morning to his surprise there were a few photos of what appears to be a Leprechaun climbing up the stump that blocks the entrance to their house. Again...the photos are taken at night with a game camera, that is why they are black and white and a little blurry. Also I've cropped some of them so you can see closer. 

Here is appears that he's climbing up a vine of some sort, which is close to the entrance to his home he abandoned after the last hunt.

Looks as though he has made it to the top and is taking a look around to get the lay of the land.

The following day Hubby repositioned the camera to see if we could get a better angle on the little bugger. Looks as though he is clearing away the rocks to the entrance of his house.

In this picture he looks as though he is inside and pushing the rocks out, not sure but seems like there is a lot of determination written all over his face. Wish this camera had sound, I do believe that we would hear him grunting. Those rocks look heavy for such a little guy. 

Now he has moved what looks to be most of the rocks form his doorway, he has something in his hands.

Here is a close up of the picture above, seems that he is using some kind of tool or stick to prey the rocks out of the way. He sure is a clever little Leprechaun. 

Hubby will have to set up the camera again and see if we can get some daytime pictures of him. We just don't want to scare him off until William and Lizzy can get here and capture him. Then we can make him tell us where his gold is hidden. William and Lizzy take a good look at these photos and see if they are in line with your previous findings on these little critters and get back to us as soon as possible. 

Aunt Java Girl

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