Friday, January 7, 2011

Riding With Friends

Below are two very dear friends that came over last week to hang out and ride horses at our farm.

Hi JC and Sugar, Teri and Bella! 
 I love this photo because of the steam coming out of Bella's nose. 
 Here's Sugar and JC and she's ready to go... she doesn't want to wait for anyone else... she hasn't been ridden since October because of a hoof injury.
 Here we are desensitizing our horses... when you ride, you're always looking for opportunities to show your horses different objects and teach them to relax around them. Here the trampoline is the desensitizing object.
I think this was the only time that my Mustang was ahead of these Tennessee Walkers.. boy they can move.
Celeste our Filly wasn't too happy that all the horses were getting to ride around the property and she had to stay in the pasture. She kept running and putting on the brakes. Later on she just stood and looked so depressed when she found out that she wasn't getting out. 
I just love it when you can have friends over and they get to bring their horses too... we ended the day with dinner and a campfire!!

Life doesn't get any better than this,
Java Girl

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