Thursday, January 27, 2011

Running With The Mustangs

About two months ago, we added another member to the animal family.... Here she is little Sweet Pea aka Prissy, Little Woman, Pig Pen. She's a 9 year old miniature horse.

I was a little worried when she came to our farm because of the fact that I have Mustangs and they are different horses. Oh they are tame and extremely smart, but I wasn't real sure how the dynamics would play out in the pasture. We kept Kiele and Celeste in a neighboring pasture and then allowed Celeste to meet Sweet Pea and all was well. In fact Celeste didn't try to be Alpha Mare. Then we allowed Kiele who is a gelding into the pasture and he seemed like he'd taken on the role of being in charge. Then Celeste tried to be Alpha Mare and Kiele accepted Sweet Pea.

I know that's alot of horse drama. But as it stands now... there's perfect harmony in the pasture.

Here's Sweet Pea with Daughter #2 and our neighbor girl. Right after this photo... Sweet Pea decided she didn't want to give anymore rides so she bucked cute little neighbor girl off. Which was no big deal. Unless you are the one riding. Kinda. Sorta.

Here's Celeste and if you've read any of my old blogs, you'll know she's a character and extremely smart. There's nothing she can't do and she's smitten with men. In this case... blondes do have more fun.

Sweet Pea hasn't turned into a bucking bronco yet... but when she does, Daughter #1 was right there to catch her.

Peace came at last and I started to notice that all three horses didn't like being separated, which is a good thing.
Our farm last week.

So now for the running with the Mustangs. I've wondered about Sweet Pea/Prissys life. I believe we are her third owners and with that she has brought such fun to the farm. I love that she's totally accepted here and that she prefers kindness and love and she's not afraid to let you know when she's had enough. She's also the first one to greet you with a whinney when you approach the pasture and always nibbles your pocket for a treat.

So the other day I let the horses out into our larger pasture which in about 11 acres and as I watched Kiele kick up his heels and then Celeste... the happiness of being in a larger pasture and running is exciting for them. Then came Sweet Pea and as she ran to keep up with the bigger horses... I was touched that she was as happy as can be, kicking her heels up too.
And then I watched them run around our property, Kiele in lead and those little legs were justa working, but I watched her movement and it was extreme happiness. 

I then thought... did Sweet Pea ever imagine that in her life she would be running with the Mustangs... being totally excepted into a herd that is known to be Feral. 

Life is so good and full of surprises. You just have to make sure you keep your eyes open.. so you don't miss it.

Until Tomorrow, 
Java Girl

Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's Breaking News....Leprechaun Sighting

  During the last few weeks Hubby has been setting up the game camera in order to see if he could capture on film the Leprechauns that so cleverly escaped the great Leprechaun hunters William and Lizzy. If you don't remember... they were the ones who discovered their hideout and almost captured them and their gold on their last visit to our farm. 

  When my Hubby checked that game camera the other morning to his surprise there were a few photos of what appears to be a Leprechaun climbing up the stump that blocks the entrance to their house. Again...the photos are taken at night with a game camera, that is why they are black and white and a little blurry. Also I've cropped some of them so you can see closer. 

Here is appears that he's climbing up a vine of some sort, which is close to the entrance to his home he abandoned after the last hunt.

Looks as though he has made it to the top and is taking a look around to get the lay of the land.

The following day Hubby repositioned the camera to see if we could get a better angle on the little bugger. Looks as though he is clearing away the rocks to the entrance of his house.

In this picture he looks as though he is inside and pushing the rocks out, not sure but seems like there is a lot of determination written all over his face. Wish this camera had sound, I do believe that we would hear him grunting. Those rocks look heavy for such a little guy. 

Now he has moved what looks to be most of the rocks form his doorway, he has something in his hands.

Here is a close up of the picture above, seems that he is using some kind of tool or stick to prey the rocks out of the way. He sure is a clever little Leprechaun. 

Hubby will have to set up the camera again and see if we can get some daytime pictures of him. We just don't want to scare him off until William and Lizzy can get here and capture him. Then we can make him tell us where his gold is hidden. William and Lizzy take a good look at these photos and see if they are in line with your previous findings on these little critters and get back to us as soon as possible. 

Aunt Java Girl

What I Woke Up To This Morning

This is what I woke up to this morning... it was like a dream. When I went to bed it was brown and unattractive, but now it's a winter wonderland outside. I love snow!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Riding With Friends

Below are two very dear friends that came over last week to hang out and ride horses at our farm.

Hi JC and Sugar, Teri and Bella! 
 I love this photo because of the steam coming out of Bella's nose. 
 Here's Sugar and JC and she's ready to go... she doesn't want to wait for anyone else... she hasn't been ridden since October because of a hoof injury.
 Here we are desensitizing our horses... when you ride, you're always looking for opportunities to show your horses different objects and teach them to relax around them. Here the trampoline is the desensitizing object.
I think this was the only time that my Mustang was ahead of these Tennessee Walkers.. boy they can move.
Celeste our Filly wasn't too happy that all the horses were getting to ride around the property and she had to stay in the pasture. She kept running and putting on the brakes. Later on she just stood and looked so depressed when she found out that she wasn't getting out. 
I just love it when you can have friends over and they get to bring their horses too... we ended the day with dinner and a campfire!!

Life doesn't get any better than this,
Java Girl