Friday, December 31, 2010


Just when I think there isn't going to be anything more to write about Dutch.... something happens.

That something was about 8:30pm on Tuesday night... while we were enjoying a campfire with neighbors. Dutch was gone for awhile and when he finally came back he reeked of skunk. And this was no partial spray, it was full on, in your face.

This is a picture of his new existance. Outdoors, alone. And he's not taking it too well. You see he's a pack animal.. he's use to being with us all the time and the herding side of him, just can't take all this time alone. So he's depressed. 
You may be wondering how I can tell my dog is depressed. Well there is two reasons... first, while he was locked up in the barn, he lodged himself between in a crack in the hay and we couldn't find him even though there were faint muffled barks coming from that vicinity. And because his hiney is the same color as the hay, it took Dad's x-ray vision to spot him. And he didn't just get stuck, he was really lodged and Dad had to move hay to save him.
And the second reason I know he's depressed is that I just took the trash out to be burned and he was chewing on a sharp plastic object and he refused to let me get it out of his mouth. 

What do you do after you've used two bottles of Skunk Off and you still have a stinky dog?

Taking suggestions,
Java Girl

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  1. We had skunk problems on our farm, too. We used Oda-ban (not sure that's how to spell it)from Sam's Club. It took care of the smell on the first use!