Friday, December 3, 2010

Results from the Leprechaun Hunt

The history of Leprechaun Hunts started with my Father-in Law way back when their church had a camp and everyone went. My husband and Brother-in-Law remember them very clearly... and the one thing they both agreed on is that their Dad had a way of working them into a tizzy to the point that they were sure they were seeing things.

So now this tradition lives on through us, now that Dad has passed away. But oh if he could be here!! But I do believe he's looking on from where he's at.

So the way it works is that the Hubby and Andy start brainwashing the little ones starting days before... William is the youngest and he's the funniest because he believes anything you tell him about these little buggers.

So just before the hunt, everyone gathers around the campfire and Hubby and Andy talk about Leprechauns and what they do, they're shoe cobblers and very grumpy and mean by nature. They also have a pot of gold that they protect with their life. So when we go hunting we first have to find the house, then we find the pot of gold.

Below is the Leprechaun House entrance.... and I have to say, these little guys where great landscapers.

Here's the entrance to their home and we were amazed that they had been here for so long. Well established Leprechauns are dangerous... so we hunted with flashlights and caution.

This is their home. They had a little stove, wallpaper, table, bread they had baked, axe, bowls for food. And to top it off, they must have went to the Dollar Store because they had those cheap flickering battery operating tea candles. They were cheesy to say the least, by they worked great for the Leprechauns overhead lighting.

After we found the home... the trunk under the table contained the map to the gold! But just then Hubby saw the Leprechaun run away into the woods, probably to his pot of gold. And so we hurried to find the gold.

When we arrived, the gold was gone, but the Leprechaun left chocolate coins covered in foil to trick us. Shucks! We've never been able to get the gold from them and I think the reason why is that they are so quick and smart!!

So then we ate the chocolate coins and returned to the campfire to relive the details of the evening. So much fun and the time together is priceless!!

Stay tuned for a recipe that will knock your socks off,
Java Girl/Leprechaun Hunter

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