Friday, December 31, 2010

Patti's Restaurant

Yesterday we met our cousins at a cute little restaurant in Grand Rivers Kentucky. We met halfway and boy did we enjoy ourselves.

The decorations were adsolutely beautiful... below is the nativity scene that sat above us at the table we sat at.
This picture doesn't do the decorations any justice, but it was beautiful, paper star lights, huge ornaments, lights and more lights.... I could have sat there all day and just looked.

Here below are Roger, Angie and their two kids... Clint and Jamie. On the end is Jamie's boyfriend Jason. Then in the stripe shirt is Daughter #2 and Daughter #1 on her right. I'm two chairs down on the right.
Every room is decorated in a different theme. This room was all white sparkling ornaments. It looked like a winter wonderland.
After a unbelievably delicious meal... we had dessert. Check out the meringue on this baby! They use 12 yolks for one pie.

Oh, and by the way... I love how Roger and Angie posed for this picture... actually this isn't a pose it's all natural... they love this pie.
Here's a closer look....
We also enjoyed something else that was really unique and it was that they served bread in flower pots. How creative is that!
Here's a closer look and it came with strawberry butter. Yum is say the least... we are still talking about it today.
So if you're ever riding on Highway 24 thru Kentucky make sure you stop and visit Patti's Restaurant it's right near Lake Barkley. Their site is

Until Next Time,
Java Girl

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