Thursday, December 16, 2010

In The End

I had the privilege of bringing dinner to a couple that attend my little church. She has brain cancer and to help out... our church takes turns bringing meals.

As I pulled into the driveway, the garage door automatically went up and I knew that was my cue to enter through the garage. As sweet Arthur came to the door, I entered in with my youngest and we unloaded our bounty. I realized I definitely over cooked and the reason for this is out of habit, when I'm cooking for situations like these, I pray over the food. That might sound funny to some of you, but it's my way of blessing the food before I deliver it.

So not knowing what the situation entailed... I had planned on leaving right away, but Arthur wanted us to come and visit with Jewell his wife. As I rounded the corner and saw this sweet little woman with her crocheted hat and her rosy cheeks sitting on the couch... I completely became enthralled. She was dressed in a baby blue sweat shirt and a pretty blue gown and it was evident that the care for her was taken to ensure her warmth and comfort. Then placed on her lap and legs was a warm polar fleece blanket. Arthur insisted that one of us sit next to her and so I did. I've always loved elderly people, probably because I spent so much time with my Grandparents who practically raised my sister and I.

And just as I realized that some of what Jewell was saying was ramblings... I was so touched by the way Arthur affectionally addressed her and how she would come out of her haze and answer him. He said, "We've had some great times baby, haven't we?" And she answered back,"We sure have."

My mind rambled through the 61 years that he's attended the church and then how I was sure they had endured many troubles and crisis's but was amazed that in the end... all that mattered was the good times. How precious, how sweet... to think on the end of life and the gratefulness that surrounded them. Arthur thankful for his salvation and still hopeful for Jewell, but no anger or feelings of unfairness. Life is life, it's simple.

So in many cases, we often times think that we're doing the good deed, but in my case Arthur and Jewell... they did me the favor. Causing me to think on my life and setting the stage for what I need to be grateful in this life. We live and we die and it's what happens in between that counts.

Realizing that it's not about the beginning or the end... but what happens in the middle that counts,
Java Girl

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