Tuesday, December 28, 2010

He's So Shy

Not!! In the 28 years that I've known my hubby there's one thing that I can honesty say about him that has stayed constant... his sense of adventure! He's not afraid to try something that he doesn't know anything about and when we got these horses I was tickled by the fact that he loves to hug them. I'll be riding my horse and he'll walk up and give my horse a big hugola.

In a world that seems to insist on fear... my husband has taught me to put my Big Girl Pants on, then hang on... and move forward. He's quoted... FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. But on the flip side, he's also very safety conscious. 

And even his occupation calls for confidence, athleticism and problem solving. 

I even remember one day at our church in Alaska... that a lady from our Sunday School Class told me that my Hubby intimidated her when he walked into the room. I quickly realized that many people don't know what a person looks like who is confident.

Now on a funny note... there are times that he shocks me with his antics. For example, we've had these two dogs stopping by our place the last couple days and one took a leak on our grill that sits on our porch. That was it, Hubby got the BB gun and sat ready for them to show up. On Christmas Day, they showed up and Hubby ran out in his stocking feet and shot the one dog in the butt and my girls and I watched the skill in which he held the gun and then jumped the fence and ran after them down our long driveway in his socking feet. It looked like a James Bond move, but better. We laughed at the man we look to as Dad and never get to see the other side of him that he gets paid for.

So with that said... today I dedicate this blog to my man! The one who hugs horses, chases stray dogs and is constantly moving and planning and just can't sit still.

Java Wife


  1. Great story and pic! Your friends in STL

  2. i must say that i have a husband similiar to yours ......GOD fearing, defender of liberty and freedom,steadfast,full of adventure and definitely not afraid to try something new...... kind of like daniel boone, john wayne, robert redford and mcgiver all rolled into one.....i almost hate to think it but these men are a dying breed.....when i look at my son however, i see many of the traits my husband has and i pray that he be an example for his generation because its easy for young men and women to get caught up in the tug of war that our world plays with them .....i always enjoy stopping by at your blog ....have a good day !

  3. Thanks everyone... Summer, I agree about the men being men.. especially when it comes to my girls. I heard a friend say once, "If a man eating lion was released in the United States.. it would starve to death."