Friday, December 31, 2010


Just when I think there isn't going to be anything more to write about Dutch.... something happens.

That something was about 8:30pm on Tuesday night... while we were enjoying a campfire with neighbors. Dutch was gone for awhile and when he finally came back he reeked of skunk. And this was no partial spray, it was full on, in your face.

This is a picture of his new existance. Outdoors, alone. And he's not taking it too well. You see he's a pack animal.. he's use to being with us all the time and the herding side of him, just can't take all this time alone. So he's depressed. 
You may be wondering how I can tell my dog is depressed. Well there is two reasons... first, while he was locked up in the barn, he lodged himself between in a crack in the hay and we couldn't find him even though there were faint muffled barks coming from that vicinity. And because his hiney is the same color as the hay, it took Dad's x-ray vision to spot him. And he didn't just get stuck, he was really lodged and Dad had to move hay to save him.
And the second reason I know he's depressed is that I just took the trash out to be burned and he was chewing on a sharp plastic object and he refused to let me get it out of his mouth. 

What do you do after you've used two bottles of Skunk Off and you still have a stinky dog?

Taking suggestions,
Java Girl

Patti's Restaurant

Yesterday we met our cousins at a cute little restaurant in Grand Rivers Kentucky. We met halfway and boy did we enjoy ourselves.

The decorations were adsolutely beautiful... below is the nativity scene that sat above us at the table we sat at.
This picture doesn't do the decorations any justice, but it was beautiful, paper star lights, huge ornaments, lights and more lights.... I could have sat there all day and just looked.

Here below are Roger, Angie and their two kids... Clint and Jamie. On the end is Jamie's boyfriend Jason. Then in the stripe shirt is Daughter #2 and Daughter #1 on her right. I'm two chairs down on the right.
Every room is decorated in a different theme. This room was all white sparkling ornaments. It looked like a winter wonderland.
After a unbelievably delicious meal... we had dessert. Check out the meringue on this baby! They use 12 yolks for one pie.

Oh, and by the way... I love how Roger and Angie posed for this picture... actually this isn't a pose it's all natural... they love this pie.
Here's a closer look....
We also enjoyed something else that was really unique and it was that they served bread in flower pots. How creative is that!
Here's a closer look and it came with strawberry butter. Yum is say the least... we are still talking about it today.
So if you're ever riding on Highway 24 thru Kentucky make sure you stop and visit Patti's Restaurant it's right near Lake Barkley. Their site is

Until Next Time,
Java Girl

The Boyfriend

Every year when we give stocking stuffers we place something   in the stocking that will make our girls scream or go Whoooooow!

This year Hubby and I found the perfect Whooooow present! A Grow your own boyfriend kit.
We got the biggest laugh from this trick present, I love how it says on the package... "If you can't get a date, then grow the perfect mate."
And like the box says..."Grows to 6 times it's original size." and he does. 

For some strange reason I feel like I should give him a name and put some clothes on him.

Java Girl

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

He's So Shy

Not!! In the 28 years that I've known my hubby there's one thing that I can honesty say about him that has stayed constant... his sense of adventure! He's not afraid to try something that he doesn't know anything about and when we got these horses I was tickled by the fact that he loves to hug them. I'll be riding my horse and he'll walk up and give my horse a big hugola.

In a world that seems to insist on fear... my husband has taught me to put my Big Girl Pants on, then hang on... and move forward. He's quoted... FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real. But on the flip side, he's also very safety conscious. 

And even his occupation calls for confidence, athleticism and problem solving. 

I even remember one day at our church in Alaska... that a lady from our Sunday School Class told me that my Hubby intimidated her when he walked into the room. I quickly realized that many people don't know what a person looks like who is confident.

Now on a funny note... there are times that he shocks me with his antics. For example, we've had these two dogs stopping by our place the last couple days and one took a leak on our grill that sits on our porch. That was it, Hubby got the BB gun and sat ready for them to show up. On Christmas Day, they showed up and Hubby ran out in his stocking feet and shot the one dog in the butt and my girls and I watched the skill in which he held the gun and then jumped the fence and ran after them down our long driveway in his socking feet. It looked like a James Bond move, but better. We laughed at the man we look to as Dad and never get to see the other side of him that he gets paid for.

So with that said... today I dedicate this blog to my man! The one who hugs horses, chases stray dogs and is constantly moving and planning and just can't sit still.

Java Wife

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

Believe it or not.... Tennessee hasn't see a white Christmas in 41 years! But we saw it Christmas morning and it couldn't have been more beautiful.

Zorro enjoyed warming himself by the fire...

And Hubbies Mom and Husband was able to spend Christmas with us... and I believe it was the best Christmas ever!

And after all the excitement of opening presents... we realized that we tired out the old folks... so here they are enjoying the television and keeping warm.

And after things quieted down we ate ham, cheesy potatoes and homemade rolls. 

Does life get any better than that?

Remembering the true reason for Christmas and that's Christ!
Java Girl

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Endurance For Caroling..

Last night our church went Caroling... we visited the shut-ins that belong to our church. It was so fun because we all loaded in the van and headed out, with the Pastor driving.

Now if you're like me and you are new at the church... one thing you absolutely have to do is something outside of church to really get to know the people. And last night I never laughed so much!! My face hurt from all the jokes, puns and just making fun of each other.. all in the realm of Christian fun and endearment.

Here are some of the things that happen...

1) One of the boys in the van confessed his affection for my oldest daughter... out loud for all the world to hear.

2) A lady in the back seat wrote Help Me on the fogged up window. She was accused of doing that before, because she wrote backwards and very clearly. Extreme laughter followed.

3) My youngest daughter confessed that she'd never been in so much trouble until she got Dutch our crazy dog from pound.

4) Random caroling broke out in the van.

5) Getting in and out of the van is really hard work... and so I suggested Drive By Caroling next year to save some time.

6) I was so exhausted that I couldn't believe these people could go to five homes, when we only stopped at three. I realized that I needed to start training for Caroling in September.

7) I suggested that the Pastor was speeding and then several people in that van admitted to it also.... one lady said tried to read a sign and she couldn't finish and then one man piped in and said, "And she's even a speed reader!".

8) The Pastor slowed down and then took us through the worst part of town.

Boy these country folk know how to have fun and then we ended the evening with a Christmas Party!

Merry Christmas,
Java Girl

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In The End

I had the privilege of bringing dinner to a couple that attend my little church. She has brain cancer and to help out... our church takes turns bringing meals.

As I pulled into the driveway, the garage door automatically went up and I knew that was my cue to enter through the garage. As sweet Arthur came to the door, I entered in with my youngest and we unloaded our bounty. I realized I definitely over cooked and the reason for this is out of habit, when I'm cooking for situations like these, I pray over the food. That might sound funny to some of you, but it's my way of blessing the food before I deliver it.

So not knowing what the situation entailed... I had planned on leaving right away, but Arthur wanted us to come and visit with Jewell his wife. As I rounded the corner and saw this sweet little woman with her crocheted hat and her rosy cheeks sitting on the couch... I completely became enthralled. She was dressed in a baby blue sweat shirt and a pretty blue gown and it was evident that the care for her was taken to ensure her warmth and comfort. Then placed on her lap and legs was a warm polar fleece blanket. Arthur insisted that one of us sit next to her and so I did. I've always loved elderly people, probably because I spent so much time with my Grandparents who practically raised my sister and I.

And just as I realized that some of what Jewell was saying was ramblings... I was so touched by the way Arthur affectionally addressed her and how she would come out of her haze and answer him. He said, "We've had some great times baby, haven't we?" And she answered back,"We sure have."

My mind rambled through the 61 years that he's attended the church and then how I was sure they had endured many troubles and crisis's but was amazed that in the end... all that mattered was the good times. How precious, how sweet... to think on the end of life and the gratefulness that surrounded them. Arthur thankful for his salvation and still hopeful for Jewell, but no anger or feelings of unfairness. Life is life, it's simple.

So in many cases, we often times think that we're doing the good deed, but in my case Arthur and Jewell... they did me the favor. Causing me to think on my life and setting the stage for what I need to be grateful in this life. We live and we die and it's what happens in between that counts.

Realizing that it's not about the beginning or the end... but what happens in the middle that counts,
Java Girl

Friday, December 10, 2010

Hugo Is My New Friend

With the dryness going around this farm... my skin is screaming and when I found this little container of sunshine for my skin. I'm now complete... no more dry, itchy skin and the scent can't even be described. Period. Question Mark.

I actually believe that if everyone used this... even the Iranians, there could and would be world peace.

Amen.... Over and Out,
Java Girl

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Things I love....

My Family.... look at us here, so young (especially hubby)!

Snow days...

My horses....

Bronner's Christmas Store... check them out at


My Daughter #2 photography.... this is Zorro our Walmart kitten. He's brilliant.

Short haircuts.....

That our local crime force is used for hard labor...

That Lucky loves clean warm linens to sleep in...

That little children can get pony rides at my farm...

To be continued...

Friday, December 3, 2010

Apple Pie Moonshine

I'm not a big drinker, but I do like to have a glass of wine here and there. So when my Sister-in-Law served me this Apple Pie Moonshine two Christmas's ago... I knew I wanted the recipe. So here it is for you to enjoy!

Apple Pie Moonshine

1 gal. apple cider
1 bottle apple juice
5 cinnamon sticks
2 cups sugar

Bring the above to a boil and then let cool completely, at this time also remove cinnamon sticks.

Once cooled add:
1/5 of whiskey

And then pour into clean wine bottles or just place in mason jars. Keep in a dry cool place and refrigerate after opening.

PS- My Sister-in-Law who is a mini Martha Steward... makes this and puts it in with her gift baskets.

Java Girl

Results from the Leprechaun Hunt

The history of Leprechaun Hunts started with my Father-in Law way back when their church had a camp and everyone went. My husband and Brother-in-Law remember them very clearly... and the one thing they both agreed on is that their Dad had a way of working them into a tizzy to the point that they were sure they were seeing things.

So now this tradition lives on through us, now that Dad has passed away. But oh if he could be here!! But I do believe he's looking on from where he's at.

So the way it works is that the Hubby and Andy start brainwashing the little ones starting days before... William is the youngest and he's the funniest because he believes anything you tell him about these little buggers.

So just before the hunt, everyone gathers around the campfire and Hubby and Andy talk about Leprechauns and what they do, they're shoe cobblers and very grumpy and mean by nature. They also have a pot of gold that they protect with their life. So when we go hunting we first have to find the house, then we find the pot of gold.

Below is the Leprechaun House entrance.... and I have to say, these little guys where great landscapers.

Here's the entrance to their home and we were amazed that they had been here for so long. Well established Leprechauns are dangerous... so we hunted with flashlights and caution.

This is their home. They had a little stove, wallpaper, table, bread they had baked, axe, bowls for food. And to top it off, they must have went to the Dollar Store because they had those cheap flickering battery operating tea candles. They were cheesy to say the least, by they worked great for the Leprechauns overhead lighting.

After we found the home... the trunk under the table contained the map to the gold! But just then Hubby saw the Leprechaun run away into the woods, probably to his pot of gold. And so we hurried to find the gold.

When we arrived, the gold was gone, but the Leprechaun left chocolate coins covered in foil to trick us. Shucks! We've never been able to get the gold from them and I think the reason why is that they are so quick and smart!!

So then we ate the chocolate coins and returned to the campfire to relive the details of the evening. So much fun and the time together is priceless!!

Stay tuned for a recipe that will knock your socks off,
Java Girl/Leprechaun Hunter